Yuri Bejar

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Born in Lima Peru, I grew up playing many of South America’s favorite sports including soccer, tennis, and volleyball. In the Latin culture, there is a strong focus on family and relying on each other. This translated well to Volleyball, which is why I have always been an avid fan of the sport. I started coaching volleyball at a young age. I always loved it and was pleased that I was able to continue coaching when I moved to the United States over 20 years ago. Since being in Atlanta, I have had the honor of coaching multiple teams including two years as the coach for Crossfire club and 3 years as the coach for the CMVLA.Transfiguration Catholic church Within these years we have collected multiple championships through hardwork and dedication. Tactics and strategies have evolved over the years and I am on a constant quest to learn from others success and implement new techniques of my own. One thing will always be prevalent in the teams I coach, strong discipline and a rule to always have fun.


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