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Sara Peal

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Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
2 years
USAV IMPACT Certified -- USAV Safe Sport Certified -- Heads Up! Concussion Certified -- CPR and First Aide Certified


2021-2022 Cobb Atlanta Volleyball

Hello fellow Volleyball Passion-eers,

I started playing volleyball at age 10; played middle school, highschool, club, adult leagues off and on for 25+ years. I've had the pleasure of coaching ages 8-18. After highschool I served in the United States Navy, 2005-2010. In 2010 my husband and our two children moved to Georgia. Outside of Cobb Atlanta I play local volleyball leagues and Coach JV volleyball at Fellowship Christian High School. VOLLEYBALL is and will forever be my sport!

I'm looking forward to our 2021-2022 here at Cobb Atlanta Juniors; this wonderful opportunity allows me to give back to our volleyball community.

Best of luck to our upcoming season! :)


Coaching Philosophy

My passion is helping athletes improve their quality of life through volleyball. 

I strive to always create an environment that encourages athletes to learn and develop on and off the court, to create a positive learning environment. The athlete needs to be given the opportunity to develop his/her skill level in a structured learning environment that constantly challenges the athlete whilst providing both encouragement and support. 



Every volleyball season I journal with athletes. Throughout the season we discuss everything volleyball related. We will go over game analysis, journal prompts, critical thinking skills, etc. It's a wonderful way to open athletes to their sport, others and themselves. Writing improves our comprehension of information and unlocks more potential not just with volleyball, but LIFE TOO. 



  • Tulsa Tech, Marketing/E-commerce
  • University of West Georgia, Business


CAJ Story

  • 2019/2020
    • 13-1 Premier Head Coach  & 14-3 Travel Asst. Coach
      • Assistant Coach of the Year 2019-2020
      • Fitness Coach
      • Clinic Coach
  • 2020/2021
    • 14-3 Travel Asst. Coach
      • Fitness Coach
      • Clinic Coach
  • 2021/2022
    • ______________
      • Fitness Coach
      • Clinic Coach

Coach Sara Peal

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“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can not; you're right.” ― Henry Ford

Clinic Coach: 
Clinic Coach


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