Rob Andres

Coach Profile

Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
1 years


Originally from the Washington D.C. area, Rob has been involved with volleyball for over 30 years. He played men's club volleyball at the University of Cincinnati and still plays competitively.

Coaching Experience - 8 years

2010-2011 - Southern Storm Boy's Volleyball Club

U-12 Assistant Coach

2012-2017 - St. Joseph's Catholic School

2012-15 - K-4th grade "Little Cougars" program
Rob helped start the St. Joseph's Catholic School's "Little Cougar" program in 2012. Working with other STJ coaches Rob helped to develop the program and practice plans used to teach his favorite sport to students in kindergarten through the fourth grade. These efforts have paid off well for St. Joseph's. From 2014 through 2017 STJ teams have finished in both 1st and 2nd place or as Co-Champions in CMVL league play. Additionally, during those same years (2014-2017) was St Joseph's vs. St Joseph's in the finals of the CMVL Year-end Tournament.

2014 - 5th/6th grade CMVL-League Co-Champs / CMVL-Tournament Runner-ups

2015 - 5th/6th grade CMVL-League 2nd Place / CMVL-Tournament Champs

2017 - 7th/8th grade CMVL-League Co-Champs / CMVL-Tournament Runner-ups

2017-2018 - CAJ 15-2 ATL - Assistant Coach

2018 March Madness Champions

2018 SRVA Regionals - 1st in Copper

2017-2018 - CAJ 15 AAU Danielle - Assistant Coach

2018 Rally Rumble - 1st in Bronze

Favorite Quotes

“Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It’s about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.” - Joe Torre

"If you don't believe you can win, you already lost" - Ronda Rousey


Clinic Coach: 


Member for
6 years 3 months