Lilia Bezerra

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Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
4 years

My name is Lilia Bezerra and this is my fourth season coaching for the NEXT league. I am currently a senior in high school. I have played volleyball for six years, including having played on my school’s varsity team, and having played club volleyball for 3 years, two of which I played with Cobb Atlanta.I have primarily played the position of middle blocker, but have been trained in other positions as well. 

Volleyball has brought so much into my life for the past 6 years and has taught me a lot about the game, as well as about teamwork and perserverence. I have had some great coaches throughout my seasons and they have all left an impact on me in some way. I have also formed great relationships with my teammates throughout the seasons. I strive to bring those positive influences to the experience for the girls that I coach and to help grow their love and drive for the sport as well.

I look foward to getting to know all of you throughout the season!  

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