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Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
2 years
Impact Certified, Safe Sport Certified, Heads Up Concussion Certified

Kimberly is originally from Baton Rouge, LA, where she was a 4 year letter winner in soccer, volleyball and track in high school. She ventured to Georgia on a volleyball scholarship and played Libero for Reinhardt University. Kim has coached at the middle and high school levels in Louisiana for 5 years. She has coached 3 players that have gone on to play volleyball at Division 1 colleges. This will be her 6th year coaching club and 2nd season with Cobb Atlanta. She also coaches setting sessions at Cobb Atlanta. Kimberly has played as both a setter and a libero and believes all players should be well rounded at all skills, no matter their position. Kimberly sets the bar high for both her team and herself and expects 110% at every practice and game. She now lives in Johns Creek, GA with her husband and son.


Kim states, "I am so excited to be coaching a premier team again this year at Cobb Atlanta. I love to teach athletes the skills they need to get to the next level. I’m honored to be part of a culture that focuses on EACH athlete." 


Kim's Favorite Quote: “It’s not how good you are, it’s how bad you want it”


"Coach Kim is an incredible coach. In my daughter's first year of club ball, she played for Coach Kim, who took 11 girls who, for the most part, had played very little volleyball before in their lives, and turned them into a true team--from individuals just figuring out how to play the game, to a TEAM that came together and played as one unit together. She taught more than volleyball skills. From the first practice, where she broke up the mini-groups of friends and encouraged new the final game where she showed these ladies how important it is to believe in yourself--even against opponents who are 2 feet taller than you...Coach Kim guided these gals to be better players and better people. She took time from her personal life to be there beyond normal practices, even offering to meet one player during Spring Break for an extra setting lesson--and didn't even mention it was on her (Coach Kim's) birthday!!! We could not ask for a better coach and any player would be lucky to learn from her"

-Desiree Miller


"Coach Kimberly Nordeen is a players coach with fierce determination, passion and the unique ability to instill a fire in her players. Her approach is with a tough and unmatched team and individual goal setting achievements for the sport of volleyball drawing upon her knowledge and experience as a player herself and now a coach of these young players. Kim has one of the biggest hearts, most genuine love for the game and the inspiring ability to connect to each and every player on her team and their respective position and job they each have and will own on her court. She takes the time individually with each player to provide instruction, feedback, corrections if needed, encouragement and it is all delivered with respect, love, and passion. Her character and class is demonstrated both on and off the court, during game time, practices and then delivered personally by going the extra step of sending out recaps of every practice, tournament, golden ball opportunity, even team bonding nights with personal and individual acknowledgement  to every player on her team. Kimberly also takes her coaching to a higher level by addressing the team as a whole, with feedback expressing her pride for their accomplishments both as a team and individually in detailed descriptive positive and encouraging manner for each player and parent to read and reflect.  She one by one names each player, descriptively explains how proud she is of individual effort, strong points of play, what needs to be worked on, how and where they have improved and their importance to the entire team. As a parent of a child who played on her team, she defined  great coaching, sportsmanship, how the game, player, position is taught, implemented, delivered and played. As I said, Kimberly is the very definition of character and class and earned her 11 players, fellow coaches, and every parents respect, devotion and admiration as a Coach, friend, and role model on and off the court. She is simply unmatched."

-Meredith Lee

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