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Kat Maciejewski

Coach Profile

Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
4 years
Impact, Safe Sport, HeartSaver CPR, Concussion Training, GHSA Volleyball Rules


I am Coach Kat Maciejewski (or just Coach Kat). Over the past four years, coaching has become my passion. No matter what I do, I know that I can come to practice to work with my players to develop both their volleyball and life skills. I want to make sure the girls enjoy the sport they play while also learning how to work through tough situations as a team...and soon to be family. 

Over time, my philosophy has become that we are all athletes, meaning we can play anytime, anyplace, and anywhere on the court. I hope to see my players have an arsenal of volleyball skills to employ and to be adaptable to unexpected situations on the court.


Coaching Experience

YMCA Next League 2-4th, head coach, 2018

YMCA Next League 5-6th, head coach,  2018

SCS Middle School 5-6th, head coach, 2018 and 2019

CAJ Select League 7-8th, head coach, 2019

Sprayberry Junior Jackets 6-8th, head coach, 2019 and 2020

CAJ 13-3s, assistant coach, 2019-2020

CAJ YMCA Lead, 2020

CAJ 13-2 ATL, head coach, 2020-2021


Player Experience

Middle School Volleyball, JV level, Varsity level, Cobb Atlanta ATL, and Cobb Atlanta Travel.


Clinic Coach: 


Member for
4 years 7 months