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Hello CAJ family !

I am Karlee Winecoff (coach K/ Coach Kar) This season I will be assisting the 16-1 team with coach Michael Loyd. This is my first year coaching at CAJ. However, I played for CAJ in 2010-2012 then moved on to start my collegiat carrer at Palm Beach State college for two years and finished at Point University. I am very very excited to be apart of the CAJ family once again. CAJ did wonders for me in my junior years and I am hoping to return the favor for our upcoming teams.

See you on the court!! 


“The will to win is more important than the skill to win. It is possible to achieve only what you actively pursue. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Keep your head high and work hard every day, because you’ll never get that day back.”

-Lloy Ball 


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