Emory Woods

Coach Profile

Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
2 years

Emory is a freshman at Georgia State University and has been playing volleyball since she was 10 years old. She played in the Walton High School program from middle school through her sophomore year of high school. She played at A5 for a few years and then moved to CAJ where she played for two years. She has experience coaching at middle school camps at Walton and Cobb Atlanta, she also coached at the Cobb Atlanta Next League for two seasons. Emory’s coaching style is focused on discipline, hard work, and also having fun. She will work with players until they understand and help them gain confidence in their abilities.


Emory loves CAJ because of the homey environment and also because the club really works with families as well as players for an overall enjoyable experience during the club season. One of Emory’s favorite quotes is, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Clinic Coach: 


Member for
3 years 6 months