Caty Grass

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Years with Cobb Atlanta: 
2 years

I started playing volleyball in 5th grade and continued to play for 7 more years. I truly fell in love with the sport at a young age and my passion for it continues to grow each season. I began coaching in 2015 as an assistant coach for another club's 13-3's team. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to coach at Cobb Atlanta with the 13-2's. My first year at Cobb Atlanta was one of the best seasons I've had and now going into my second year here, I am again assistant coaching the 13-2's and I am ecstatic! 

I am also currently a student at Kennesaw State University studying Secondary English Education.

My goal as a coach is to share my love and passion for this sport and to help each player grow on and off the court. 


"Get comfortable being uncomfortable. That;s how you break the plateau and reach that next level." -Chalene Johnson


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