Audrey Mingo

Coach Profile

College Scholarships: 


Lemoyne Owen College Fall 2010


Morgan State University Fall 2011-2012


• Active Player- Indoor and Beach 

• Coaching Experience at High school,Middle School and Club level 

• Coach at Morgan State VolleyCamps 2011-2013, Antioch High School 2014, Chamblee Middle School 2016

• Specialty Positions Coaching: All hitting positions, agility/conditioning  and defense 

Graduate of Middle Tennesee State University- Class of 2014 - B.S Sociology

Why do I love volleyball:

Volleyball taught me cofidence. It is a game of mental toughness and self- awareness. You honestly have to figure out what you are good at and use it to your abilities. I've been athletic all my life, but volleyball made me take a step back and actually think about decisions that needed to be made in order to stay on top. This is why I love it. I plan to teach girls self -awareness and confidence through the love of volleyball! 


A new mommy myself to my son, and active player of the game. Big on nutrition and mentoring.  


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2 years 6 months