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Recap of Nov 30th Practice

Dear Parents/Players,

My name is Andrea Garzon (I told the girls to call me Coach Dre) and I will be your coach for this Select League season!

Heres some backround info about me: I am a junior and I attend Lassiter High School. I have been playing volleyball since I was in fourth grade and I have been a part of the Cobb Atlanta program for two years now (this being my second year). I am on the 17-1 Alex Travel Team at Cobb Atlanta. My goals for this season is to see the girls improve and grow so much more, I already see a lot of potential for this team and I am excited what this season has in store for us and I only hope these girls fall in love with the sport just as much as I have over the years. 

Following I will recap what we did today:

- We started off with uniform measure ments and the girls told Coach Celeste what size of spandex and Jersey they wanted, and we discussed which jersey number the girls wanted which will be listed below. If I got any jersey wrong please feel free to contact me and my information is down below.

Sabrina Rowan #1
Elizabeth Hernandez #2
Corinne Stewart #3
Sofia Seiden #5
Caitlin McGill #6
Mary Nelson #7
Ansley Koch #8
Maya Gordon #9
Amelia Hainje #10
Mariyah Gonzalez #11

- Next we started off practice with a CAJ warm-up, this warm-up will be utilized at the begginning of every practice. Then we moved into some Passing Fundamentals. Later, we got into a drill we call Dig, Tip, Chase and we ended practice off with serving then had a brief team meeting.

- Overall like I said before, the girls have a pretty good fundamental learning and some of them already have a volleyball background which is exciting.

Below are some links that I found might be helpful if the girls want to watch. They are youtube videos that I encourage the girls to watch before our next practice if they would like:

  -How to Pass a Volleyball- Passing Fundamentals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOgfoEGUDCA 

  -How to Overhand Serve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDyvSUVM6tk  

-For the next practice the girls and I talked about things we can work on, which are the things we can control such as energy, effort and communication, and also I wanted to inform the parents that the girls HAVE to wear both a jacket and pants when they come in the building, if they fail to do so, the whole team will have to run.

Thank you so much for letting me be your coach this season and I am excited to see what is in store for us and I want to see the girls grow volleyball wise!!

I will see you guys next Monday

Sincerely, Coach Dre

Contact Info: 

Cobb Atlanta Email: andreagardonpena@cobbatlanta.com

Personal Email: andreagarzonpena@gmail.com

Phone Number: 4707753571

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