CAJ Facility is re-open as of 5/26.
Please read the COVID-19 protocal below for our safety protocol, and check the calendar for clinics offer.

March Fitness Requirements

Below is listed out how many on-site fitness sessions are required for each player for the month of March.

Week of March 1st - 1 Session

Week of March 8th - 2 Sessions

Week of March 15th - 2 Sessions   

Week of March 22nd - 2 Sessions

Week of March 29th - 2 Sessions

Total February Sessions = 9 Sessions (Between 3/1 - 4/4)


 As a reminder, each player is required to sign up for the time they wish to attend the Additional Travel Team Fitness Session. There are only 20-25 spots available for each one. If a player shows up for a session and is NOT signed up they will not be able to participate in the session. 

Just as players are expected to attend their practice, they are also expected to attend fitness. Please let me know if your player is not going to be present at their team fitness session or if they have signed up for an additional session and are no longer going to make it. If they are not present, we want to make sure they are safe and nothing has happened to them. I encourage players to communicate with me just as they would communicate with their coach. 

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