Take Home Fitness Reminder

As a reminder, here is the breakdown of who is expected to complete Take Home Fitness and how often.

2 times per week - 11's, 12-2's, ATL & Premier Players who did not sign up for in-person fitness sessions for the season are expected to complete the Take Home Fitness workouts for the month twice per week.

1 time per week - 11's, 12's, ATL & Premier Players who signed up for 1 in-person fitness session per season. These players complete 1 fitness session at Cobb Atlanta and the other at home.

Travel teams are expected to complete the Take Home Fitness only during breaks (Christmas break, Winter break, and Spring break). Take home fitness is expected to be completed twice per week for these players over the break.

Take Home Fitness Completion

Each time a player completes Take Home Fitness, they are expected to submit the survey with their name, team, date completed, and a few questions about the workout.

Where to Find the Workout Plan, Completion Survey, and Exercise Description Video

Both of these are linked on the website once you are logged into your account under the Parent and Player menu

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