CAJ Facility is re-open as of 5/26.
Please read the COVID-19 protocal below for our safety protocol, and check the calendar for clinics offer.

Weather Update: Tuesday 1/29

We are actively watching the weather for Tuesday 1/28, and here is the current schedule as of 1:30 PM on Monday.  



Everything is on as scheduled.   I'm confirming with McCleskey and will update if there are any changes.


Due to upcoming tournaments, we are scheduling the travel teams as listed below.    I will watch the weather tomorrow and update you by NOON if there is a change.  We have the flexibility to see if the weather hits or misses us.     All ATL practices are canceled for Tuesday, makeups are a possibility, and your coach will keep you updated.

CAJ :  5:30-7:30   13-3 Chad, 18-1 Sarah, 12-1 Tom

           7:30-9:30    15 Kelsey. 15 Amy, 16 Michael


NEXT League at NE Cobb YMCA: Practice Cancelled

NEXT League at Rally/Lakepoint:  Practice Cancelled

SELECT League at Bullard & McCleskey:  Practice Cancelled