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Cobb Atlanta Select Play Date Information

First, thank you for being apart of the Select League! We hope you and your player are just as excited about this Saturday as we are. 

When creating the new SELECT League this season, our overarching goal was to prepare these players to play school and or club volleyball in the future. With that, we plan to breakdown the game as much as possible throughout the season and end up in May playing full volleyball. Over the holiday break, the location leads, Jessica (Cobb Atlanta Director), and myself me to discuss our first month of practices, as well as create a plan to reach our overarching goal throughout the season. We also created a list of end of season goal for the SELECT league, that is listed below. This is the reason your teams received an email with the ball control videos for the players to review at home. The plan is to have the practice lead at your gym send emails prior to practice with videos or learning materials that will help the players prepare ahead of time for practice, and each team will be able to make the most of their hour and a half in the gym.

SELECT Season Goals

  • Understanding of Base for all positions
  • Rotations/Legal Substitution
  • Understand positions - not necessarily play them, understand each position’s responsibilities
    • Defensive Specialist (DS)/Libero
    • Outside Hitter (OH) or Pin Hitter
    • Right-Side Hitter (RS) or Pin Hitter
    • Middle Blocker (MB)
    • Setter (S)
  • Formalities of match
    • Warm up
    • Shake hands (start and end of the match)
    • Switch sides
  • 3 touches with the first pass to target
  • Players understand the right front position is who is setting the 2nd ball.
  • Players can transition from defense to offense.

In addition to practices, we also came up with a progression plan for each playdate to help the players build their volleyball skills and knowledge throughout the season. For this weekend’s playdate, all teams will run a 6-6 rotation, meaning players will play different position listed above. We are going to use legal substitutions, unlike the PE rotation we use in the NEXT league. Therefore, some players on teams will play all the time, while others will only play front row or back row. Regardless, all players WILL play this weekend. Coaches have been educated on how to navigate the 6-6 Rotation and will be coming into the day with all of their lineups created for the day. The details on the January playdate are below, as well as our goals for this playdate.


January Playdate

  • 5th & 6th will play with volley-lite balls (same rules as club)
  • 2 games to 25, starting at 0-0; no 3rd deciding sets (how pool play is set up in a club tournament)
  • There will be volunteers to help keep score and be the 2nd referee.
  • Coaches from other teams in the SELECT league will be the 1st referee 
  • Parents will be needed to volunteer to line judge and flip score.
  • Warm-up (each team on their own side)
    • Will start within 5 minutes of the previous match ending.  If matches end early, we will start early to move the day along.  (same policies as club)
    • Ball Control - 1 min  
    • Coach on 4 - 2 min
    • Serving - 1 min
  • Teams will use official match start, set switch, and match end procedures.
  • Players will be allowed to step in 10 feet for first 3 serves, and then must move backward to the end line. (This is a Southern Region rules for 12 & under club level tournaments.  If a player is able to serve from the end line, they should.)
  • CAJ Adjustment:
    • 5th & 6th grade:  will use this rule all day. 
    •  7th & 8th grade: will use this rule in their 1st of the day.   If a team is playing their first set against a team that has already played, they will utilize this rule.)
      • If a player misses a serve, the coach will toss a free ball in to play. The point is awarded as soon as the serve is missed to the non-serving team.   The free ball is played for additional touches and no point will be awarded.
        • The reasoning for throwing in a ball after a missed serve is that we want them to LEARN to PLAY. By not getting the ball over or watching serve, ace, serve, ace, it does not help the players grow their skills.
        • The referee will beckon for the free ball, to simulate game experiences.

Goals for January Playdate:

  • Players fully understand pre match, game switch, and post game procedures.
  • Players understand how to rotate and correct substitution procedures.
  • Players are attempting 3 touches on the ball before sending it over the net.
  • Players are passing the 1st ball toward target/setter.


After January's playdate, we will evaluate how we can evolve some of the playdate rules to make the matches even more like club matches.   We hope by sharing our intentions with you, it helps explain what we see as a success this weekend or what we need to continue to practice.    Jessica will be at Lassiter on Saturday morning and will be happy to answer any questions as well.  


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