Wrap-Up of 12/10 Practice

GREAT practice last night ladies! I was so happy we finally got to work specifally as a team, and now I have a better idea on positions and will begin to focus on each player and the position I believe they will be best at.

HAWKS NIGHT: I know it's a few weeks away, but parents please get back with Mrs. James about the Hawks Night if you are able or unable to go. If a majority of the team can go, I will try my absolute best to come!! It will be a great bonding event, and the Hawks games are super fun so why not go?!

The girls gear is coming in, so they will recieve everything they ordered in the next few weeks.

REFEREE/SCOREKEEPING TRANING: There arer multiple trainings going on the next few weeks so look at which is best for you and get it completed asap. This is MANDATORY because we will be refereeing the games when we aren't playing during tournaments. 

Have a great week and I will see everyone next week!

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