Fall 2109 NEXT League
Registration is now available for the Academy teams at the NEXT League!


Hello Giants!


I'm sorry for not sending an email sooner. I know everyone's lives have been hectic this past week with the first practice of the season. I just wanted to share some information with you about our team and this season. 


To make communication a little easier for all of us, I have made two group chats through the program GroupMe. The links are below. This will be the easiest way to ask me questions that other parents on our team most likely have and for me to send out reminders of practice dates and game times. I will still send out weekly news emails.

Parent-Only Group: https://groupme.com/join_group/46447389/OJ1yF6

Player-Only Group: https://groupme.com/join_group/46447392/tddT3v


Tonight we are picking jersey numbers for the girls. When the number is set, please complete the survey below (also listed on your sizing paper from our first practice). 



The practice today, and practices in the near future, will be focused on building skills in the girls. While it may not appear as fun for the girls, learning the technique will be essential for our success in the future. After out first games, we will split  into our own teams more often at practices and focus on gameplay. As a reminder, the first part of the season will focus on basic gameplay, and we will work up to rotations. I will send the game schedule out as soon as it is finalized.


I am excited for this season to truly kick-off. I already love working with the girls, and I am excited to get to know them better these next few weeks. Thank you all for sending me emails already warning me about when you will not be at practice. Please continue to do so when you know you cannot make a practice or game. Also, please continue showing up to practice fifteen minutes ahead of time. Let me know if that will not be possible for your player.


Thanks for being awesome and investing in volleyball,

Coach Kat



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