Fall 2109 NEXT League
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Information and Homework

Hello Giants!

I wanted to send a quick clarification to the girls. Next practice will focus on rotations and positions. I apologize for the weridness that was at the end of today's practice. I was not prepared to make rotations today so things got slightly hectic, but next practice will explain things a little better.

We do have practice this upcoming Tuesday, 12/18, which will be our last practice before break. Practices will resume in January on Tuesday, 1/8. Since the girls have their practice shirts now, please make sure they wear them every practice so we look and act like a team. 

Heads up about games: Our first game will most likely be on Saturday, January 19th. More information will be sent out closer to the date as things are finalized. 


Because we have been working on positions recently, I would like you to go home and find a volleyball player online. Look for someone who has your position. Once you have watched a couple of videos (or one longer video), write down on a note card your name, the name of the player, the position, a few observations about things they do while playing, and a couple of goals for your own play. I'll be collecting those from you all on Tuesday so no slacking ;)

Also, please remember to join the group me for our player chat if you have not already. 




Please join the group me for our team parents if you have not already. This is an easy place to ask me questions, remind me about a player missing practice or running late, and for me to send reminders of game days and information.



Let me know if you have any questions. Also, because next week's practice will be focused on rotations, it is important to let me know as soon as possible if your player will not be able to make it. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you Tuesday.


Coach Kat



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