Monday April 9 Recap

Happy Tuesday,

I wanted to update everyone on Mondays practice, I hope everyone had a great spring break, only two more weeks left! On Monday I could tell that we had just come from break. We were not moving as fast paced, and it took us more time to get into each drill.

We started practice with a fun team bonding game, and the girls seemed to enjoy it. They had to work together to complete their goal, games like this will help us not only bond, but will help us with our communication.

We then went to a serving drill, which took up more time than we had planned. In this drill each player had to make a serve in to each zone. At our last tournament one of our biggest things was serving, and we wanted to do this drill to help the girls work on consistent serving. As we move forward with serving, some things we will be focusing on are getting the ball out of your hands quicker, low over the net, and well placed. A challenge for each player to make this drill better in the future is to think about your pace, and how you are helping your teammates get their serves over. 

After serving we went to defense, and worked on getting more aggressive as a team defensively. One of our challenges in defense is, we get used to playing in a set area, but we are working on making defense more fluid. Keep in mind that no matter whose ball it is, we are a team, and a missed point doesnt just affect one person, it affects us all. So in defense we are continuing to work on building that fluidness, so we have fewer balls hitting the ground.

We did some hitting, and then we finished up with a scrimmage. I dont want to talk too much on the scrimmage, but I will say, we know it was not our best. Now that we are back from break, lets get refocused and really give our all going into these last two tournaments. I also want to say that working with each player this season has been a delight! We are a strong team, and every second we have left I want us to really go out there and show it. 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller


Coach A'Sheana

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