April 11 Practice Recap

Tonights practice:

The Itinerary is out, thanks Beth! We play at 3pm so plan on being there at 2pm. We play at SVC. As this is our second to last tournament, we want to go into it with a positive mindset, and ready to work hard.

At tonights practice the girls hung in there as I went through the plan. We started the night with our usual warm up routine, shuffling footwork, blocking, and defensive movement. During these drills it is important for the players to remain consistent with their form and footwork. We have done these drills since day one, so players know the expectation for the drill. 

We then went to serving, we started with progressions, and then went on to a pressure drill. The serving drill was not going as fast as I would have liked, so I ended up changing it so the girls were able to complete the goal a little faster. Serving is an important skill that we need to work on, but I have learned that sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate the drill, and maybe even change the goal of the drill. 

After serving we went into some hitting warm up, and hitting vs defense. Then we spent the rest of the practice playing 6v6 and rotation drills to help us prepare for the weekend. Overall it could have gone better, but I know that each of us will go into this weekend prepared to leave everything on the court!

Lets not measure our acheivements by how successful we think we are, but by how much effort we put in each day, it is only then that we will persevere through anything.

Rest up for the weekend!

Coach A'Sheana

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