3/26 Practice Recap

March 26th


Practice last night focused on 3 main things: Defense, Serving, and Siding Out.

We began practice with a fun drill called "Ball on None," where the girls worked together to keep the ball going between themselves. This drill focused a lot ball control, communication, and hustle. The girls were successful when they were communicating with each other and hustling towards every ball. Technical Note: It is important to place the ball where your teammate has moved to on the other side of the court. Passing the first ball with more height, gives your teammates more time to get to the ball.

We then moved on to serving. Our goal with girls recently has been to make their serves more aggressive. In order to do this, we are working on speeding their arm swings up and lowering their tosses.

We focus on the following when serving:

Step, toss, wipe the whiteboard

Keep your toss in front of your right shoulder

Keep your toss low(it helps with control)- 2 balls length high

Keep your elbow high the entire time

To work on aggressive serves, we did a net clip progression, where the girls had a partner, started at the 10 foot line, and after clipping the net 4 times, they would take a step back.

We then spent a large amount of practice walking the girls through the rotational defense(sent out in a powerpoint on Sunday) and making sure that all questions and concerns regarding the defense were answered. We then played through each rotation in defense with coaches on boxes. The main items to focus on with our defense include the following:

1. Not thinking of where you are supposed to play the ball as a spot, but instead as a territory.

2. Tight, firm platforms- making sure your platform does not bend or break

3. Getting our hips behind and around the ball

4. Being aggressive- no hesitation

5. Covering the middle of the court- this is the weakness of a rotational defense, the middle of the court is wide open. We depend on having a big block a lot.

The girls did a really good job of reading the ball and reacting and as time went on definitely got more comfortable!

We finished the practice with working on siding out. Coach Amy made a great point that siding out is a skill. It really is and it is important to control what we can control when in serve receive. Ideas of things that we can control- talking to your teammates about the seams in S/R, your serving lane, middles declaring whether setter is up or down and how many hitters there are, setters calling plays for our offense.

The girls did a great job at practice and we look forward to having one last really good practice before Big South! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Homework: Girls- Please bring 2 goals to practice tomorrow-1st goal: what do you want to accomplish at practice tomorrow? and 2nd goal: what is your goal for yourself at Big South?


Coach Megan

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