2020-2021 Commitments


Our Recruiting Philosophy

Through our conversations with college coaches (and from coaching ourselves), we’ve learned there are four major things colleges look for in potential student-athletes:

             1.       Do you have the volleyball skill set and athleticism to help their team on the volleyball court?

2.       Do you fit in with the culture they’re trying to create on their team?

3.       Do you really want to go to their school?

4.       Are you mature enough to handle the demands of college athletics and academics?

Questions 2-4 drive our overriding philosophy, which is that because coaches need to be able to get to know you, the player, you need to be the one to reach out to schools yourself. College coaches can’t evaluate #s 2-4 if they’re hearing from us at the club or from your parents (and if they are hearing from your parents, they’re probably going to assume the answers to #s 3 and 4 are “no,” and they won’t recruit you anyway). That said, we want to be there to guide you through the process.

All four questions combined drive the second part of our philosophy, which is that we as a club want to put you in the best position possible to be seen. As long as you’re willing to do the work contacting coaches and getting your name out there, we want to provide you with the tools to do that work efficiently and effectively. To that end, here are some of the resources available to Cobb Atlanta players:  

1.       All CAJ players should feel free at any time to contact our recruiting coordinator, Amie Held.  Amie played indoor volleyball at the University of Northern Iowa, played beach volleyball at Georgia State University, was a graduate assistant with Georgia State's indoor team, and is currently an assistant coach at Kennesaw State University, so she has experience with the recruiting process from both sides. She will send e-blasts to high school aged students with general recruiting information, will talk with coaches on your behalf, and she’s there to answer any and all question you have about how to navigate your recruiting process.

2.       One of the best services we offer is our partnership with connectvolleyball.com. (Just to be clear, the club does not make anything financially off of this partnership and it is free to most 15+ CAJ players, so this isn’t a sales pitch!) Connect Volleyball is a platform that allows you to keep an online profile; create and post highlight videos; search schools by region, academic selectivity, and athletic division; and easily access coaches’ contact information to efficiently correspond with colleges across the country! It’s a very easy to use one-stop shop for recruiting, which we love and so do college coaches! One of the biggest advantages of the tool from the club’s perspective is that it allows us to also get a general snapshot of your recruiting activity. We can rate schools you have bookmarked to help you find the best fit for you! It’s really very handy for both players and coaches in the recruiting process, and we recommend that all players who are interested in competing at the next level sign up for it.

3.       If you need help making a skills video, we’re here for you. That said, though, highlight videos are usually much more powerful than skills videos. They show not only your ability to perform the skill, but your ability to do it in a live situation where you have to read the game in addition to performing the skill. If you want help creating a skills video, or have questions about what to include in a highlight video or how to use video editing software, we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

4.       If you’re not sure what to tell a coach or what to ask, we can help you with making initial contact and what information to include. 

5.       For those who are not yet juniors, some coaches can’t legally contact you back if you write to them.  If you copy a coach or Amie Held (amieheld@cobbatlanta.com) on your email, though, those coaches CAN legally talk to us, and they can get you information through us.

Amie and the rest of the coaches at CAJ are here to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. We firmly believe that if it is your goal to play in college there’s a place for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get an offer to play at top-25 DI, but if you’re at Cobb Atlanta and you want to play at the next level, there is a school that wants you. We’ll help you find them!