2020-2021 Commitments

Coaches of the Month • April

Amanda Mihlbauer: "I have been very impressed with Amanda this year as a first time head coach at Cobb Atlanta. Not only is she a head coach of one team, but she took on the extra responsibility to head coach a travel team AND a premier team this year. Not an easy task. Amanda always is seen with a positive attitude and wants the best from her players. She is always willing to run clinics when she is available and her clinics always fill up! When Amanda's teams needed extra help she is comfortable asking for it and any suggestions to help her team improve. She looks for to help with team bonding outside of practice or activities that could really push and challenge each player." Cobb Atlanta is so lucky to have Amanda on staff!"


Jessica Wellmaker: "I always appreciate Jessica and her willingness to step in when help is needed within the club. She will do things that may be out of her comfort zone, but her goal is to help those around her and make Cobb Atlanta a better place!"