2020-2021 Commitments

Senior Drive-by Schedule & Instructions

Our Senior Drive-By will be this Saturday morning May 1st, at the Cobb Atlanta Facility. Seniors will need to arrive no later than 9:30 AM. We are assigning teams a time to arrive, but please do not stress about car orders, arriving early, or arriving late. We are going to start at 10:00 AM. Below is the route for teams to come through, all teams start with the color Blue, then Red then White to exit. Please make sure teams are following the map and suggested route we are really trying to prevent left-hand turns into the building tomorrow. If you put the address 1850 West Oak Circle in your GPS, it will lead you to a business PAST CAJ that will allow you to turn around and come back to Cobb Atlanta from the right. If the line is long, there are plenty of places beyond that address to turn around and get in line.

To celebrate our Seniors, we are asking all our club players to create two small posters/signs, one each for two different graduates. The schedule will be communicated tomorrow, as we continue to finalize details for our event Saturday. Thank you!

Key things:

All Cars should enter CAJ from the right (turning right from West Oak Pkwy; not by turning left.

If you typically arrive at CAJ from the direction of Sandy Plains, you will continue straight on West Oak Pkwy (passing the CAJ entrance) and turning around in order to turn right into the CAJ entrance. A suggested address to put into your GPS is given above (1850 West Oak Circle)

After turning into CAJ, immediately proceed to the back of the building, and drive through the seniors. You will not pass the main CAJ Office entrance - turn right immediately.

As you come around to the front of our building, turn right and pass behind Building 1.

Loop around the entrance, and exit the complex to the right.

This longer route will allow for more back-up without stopping the entire procession.

A traffic map with arrows has been included in the corresponding section below in this newsletter.