2020-2021 Commitments

Cobb Atlanta Safety Protocol- Return to Training

CAJ Phase 4- Return to Training


  • Completed during Phase 1
  • Balls/Carts - carts and balls sanitized between every session. All contaminated volleyballs will be placed at the side of the fitness area. All clean volleyballs can be found in our storage room.
  • Check-in area set up with staff, Infrared Thermometers, and Check-in Sheet
    • Activities Provided
    • Small-Group Clinics & Camps
    • Large-Group Clinics & Camps
    • Fitness
    • Jump Training
    • Strength Training
    • Court Rentals
    • Tournaments
    • Tryouts
  • Coaches do not touch players
  • CAJ Staff are required to wear a mask - masks will be provided if needed.   


Athlete Entry Procedures

  • Athletes will arrive and enter through the front door 10-15 minutes before the posted time. 
    • For group activities over 15 players, there will be two check-in lines: 
    • Unpaid players will enter through the right door and proceed to the front window to pay
    • All paid players will enter through the left door and check-in at the table in the lobby
  • Please follow all directional signage, guiding ropes, and floor stickers
  • If the front doors are closed, please wait to enter until a staff member props open the doors. When the doors are closed, this is a sign that the staff is not ready for players to enter the building.
  • Only one guardian may enter the building to assist with check-in. No spectators will be allowed unless otherwise stated. After assisting your player with check in, please exit through door four to the right of the front lobby doors (directional signs will be in place).
  • Once checked in, sanitize hands and proceed directly to the assigned court.
  • All non-necessary items will be left in the car
  • It is suggested that players wear long sleeves
    • Optional:  Players can wear gloves to protect themselves from touching any volleyball or a mask during play. 
  • A Staff Person will check-in players at the table directly inside the front lobby.
  • A staff person will wear a mask and will take the athlete’s Temperature with an infrared thermometer
  • Staff will check in players using a check-in sheet documenting the following:
  • Date, Name, Temp Taken (Y/N) - if no or above 100.4 F athlete must leave, Self Reports Free from Symptoms of Illness, Self Reports Free from Known COVID Contact, Time In, Court Assignment, Staff Responsible, Activity
  • Players will check-in using a QR Code on their phone/a parent’s phone
  • Sanitize hands before leaving Check-In

During Session Procedures

  • Go directly to your assigned court
  • If you need to use the restroom during your session, the central bathroom and lobby bathrooms are now open to players to use. 
  • The kitchen bathroom on Court 3 is reserved for office staff only. 
  • Place all personal belongings and put on any gear in your assigned 6 ft space

Athlete Exit Procedures

  • Return all balls to the proper cart at the end of the session
  • Exit through the BACK DOOR on your designated court
    • Door 1: Fitness 
    • Door 2: Gym 1
    • Door 3: Gym 2 & 3
    • Door 4: Chiropractor/Athletic Training/ARC Room
  • For sessions under 15 players, parents will park in the back lot and let your player find your car.
  • For sessions with 15 players or more, we will be releasing players in a carpool style. The first car will pull up to the stairs by Door 3. Staff members will take player names and release players accordingly.
  • Sanitize hands before exiting