2020-2021 Commitments

Cobb Atlanta Safety Protocol- Return to Training

CAJ Phase 3 - Larger Small Groups/Small Camps 


  • Completed during Phase 1
  • Balls/Carts - trash bag lined ball carts with X number of session-specific balls.
  • Check-in area set up with staff, Infrared Thermometers, Gloves, and Check-in Sheet

Activities Provided

  • Small-Group Clinics & Camps
  • Fitness
  • Jump Training
  • Strength Training
  • Court Rental
  • Coaches do not touch players
  • CAJ Staff are required to wear a mask - masks will be provided.   


Athlete Instructions

  • Athletes will arrive at the back of the gym at the correct door, 10 minutes before the posted time.   
    • Door 1: Fitness 
    • Door 2: Gym 1
    • Door 3: Gym 2 & 3
    • Door 4: Chiropractor/Athletic Training/ARC Room
  • All non-necessary items will be left in the car
  • It is suggested that players wear long sleeves
    • Optional:  Players can wear gloves to protect themselves from touching any volleyball.
  • A Staff Person will check-in players in the rear parking lot of the gym by the specified door.
  • A staff person will wear a mask & gloves will take Temperature with an infrared thermometer
  • Staff will check in players using a check-in sheet documenting the following:
    • Date, Name, Temp Taken (Y/N) - if no or above 100.4 F athlete must leave, Self Reports Free from Symptoms of Illness, Self Reports Free from Known COVID Contact, Time In, Court Assignment, Staff Responsible, Activity
  • Sanitize hands before leaving Check-In
  • Go directly to your assigned court
  • Place all personal belongings and put on any gear in your assigned 6 ft space with your assigned folding chair
  • Return all balls to the proper cart at the end of the session
  • Exit through the same door you enter through, taking all belongings with you
  • Sanitize hands before exiting