CAJ Facility is CLOSED until 4/30.
Please read the COVID-19 article below for details.

Notes from Daily Facebook Live Update

April 6th:

  • Coach Kelsey has live virtual fitness today at 4:30 (Google Hangout Link)
  • Scavenger Hunt submissions are due by 5:00 PM today, the newsletter tomorrow will announce the winner
  • Tomorrow's newsletter will announce the rules for the Team Pepper Challenge, so be on the look out for that!
  • Teams will be emailed updates this week

April 3rd:

  • Video breakdown with Coach Trina for today will be cancelled
  • Jump Training today at 3:30 (Google Hangout)
  • A Scavenger Hunt will be posted in today's newsletter and will be set up in place of CAJ Challenges for Spring Break and a few other fun things for next week!

April 2nd:

  • We are still holding out to play at Regionals on May 30th & 31st and Big South on June 5th-7th, if possible
  • We are doing all of this to help give the girls structure and allow the girls to continue to connect and help provide community in this strange time
  • We will take "Spring Break" off next week from some of our challanges and workouts, but we will still provide a few fun things for the girls to participate in 
  • We will still be providing updates with any big changes
  • We're looking into which tournaments are cancelled and whether we receive refunds vs credits, so please continue to be patient as we navigate this and figure out what we plan to do for you. We intend to be completely transparent with you through this process, so please continue to hang in there
  • We are still going to be paying our coaches their full contract pay
  • Decisions will be made on a team-by-team basis once we feel we are at the point to make those decisions

April 1st:

  • USAV shutdown extended to April 30th
  • Challenge videos are due by noon today, you can participate and not have your video posted, if you choose
  • You can now view the Points Chase Competition online on our website (updated weekly or biweekly)
  • Serving video breakdown with Coach Jessica at 4:00 PM (Google Hangout Link)
  • Coach Kelly Fedderson is doing a video break on Sunday, 4/5, at 2:30 PM (Google Hangout Link)
  • More summer volleyball oppurtunities will be posted on our calendar soon!
  • An email was sent out recently to all senior moms, if you did not receive this email, please email
  • Player Council is trying do something special for those CAJ fmaily members who are on the COVID front-line. If you are one of those people, please reach out to us so we can make sure you are included

March 31st:

  • Several of the teams that missed a 2-day tournament this past month should plan to attend Kudzu Klassic on May 16th & 17th 
  • Check today's newsletter for information on GWCC Regionals parking refund
  • Our goal is to restart everything in May, we know this could change, but this is what we are hoping for
  • We are not collecting any fees due in April, these will be due in May. If we are unable to start back in May, we will revisit this once we have further information about the season and fees/refunds
  • We are looking to add more volleyball camps and clinics for this summer to our calendar, so keep your eye out for those!
  • Select league parents - we are trying to have one last event on June 6th and 7th, if possible
  • Select and NEXT league challenges will begin next week! (posted on @cobbatlanta_playercouncil Instagram account)
  • New option when submitting challenges to opt out of having your child's video entry posted to our social media 

March 30th:

  • Serving video breakdown with Coach Jessica on Wednesday and Serve Receive with Coach Trina on Friday, both at 4:00 PM (Google Hangout Link)
  • A few colleges are hosting Zoom calls for prospective players to meet their team, check out the newsletter coming out tomorrow, 3/31!
  • Player Council Exec was announced in our most recent newsletter
  • Player Council members filmed challenges for our NEXT and Select League athletes. These will be in tomorrow's newsletter as well and the challenges will be posted on the @cobbatlanta_playercouncil Instagram account
  • We are putting together a highlight for our graduating seniors, so seniors be on the lookout for that
  • We are going to reschedule the Award Ceremony, the packet will be sent out this week
  • We will still have April Player of the Month!

March 27th:

  • We hope you all can get outside in the beautiful weather this weekend!
  • Jump clinic will be at 3:30 on Google Hangout
  • Still waiting for reschedule dates to set a new tournament schedule
  • Please try to participate in physical activity at least twice a week to remain active

March 26th:

  • No big updates, just several reminders!
  • Today at 4:00 PM - Setting video breakdown with Coach Bri (Google Hangout Link)
  • Today at 4:30 PM - Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Coach Bridget (Google Hangout Link)
  • Tomorrow, 3/27, at 3:30 PM - Jump Training with Coach Travis and Coach Corey (Google Hangout Link)
  • Tomorrow at 4:00 PM - Serve Receive video breakdown with Coach Trina (Google Hangout Link)
  • Try to pick 3 CAJ things a week to participate in. We want you to enjoy this time off, but still keep touching a ball and building your volleyball IQ so we are ready when we get back in the gym
  • Parents, feel free to have parent Google Hangouts with your fellow team parents, coaches can help set these up
  • Support CAJ Family small businesses!! (Submit Form)
  • Keep submitting challenge videos and earning your team points!

March 25th:

  • Regionals is rescheduled for May 30th & 31st and Big South is June 5th-7th (we are still working on adjusted tournament schedules)
  • Check the newsletter for a clear picture of our shut down schedule
  • We have 11 video breakdowns scheduled between now and April 15th, so be on the lookout for those!
  • All links to Jump Training and Yoga sessions are in our Facebook group!

March 24th:

  • Yoga starts Thursday at 4:30 PM! (link in newsletter)
  • Video break downs for this week - setting will be on Thursday, 3/26, with Coach Bri at 4:00 PM & Coach Trina will be leading a Serve Receive breakdown video on Friday, 3/27, at 4:00 PM (follow along in the Google Hangout here)
  • Coach Travis and Coach Corey are going to lead a Power Jump Agility class at 3:30 PM on Friday, 3/27 (follow along in the Google Hangout here)
  • Kelsey and Sara Peal are still doing fitness Monday-Thursday!
  • We are working on updating the Points Chase Competition based on all the Challenges our ahtletes are participating in
  • Virtual Athletic Training Appointments with Heloise are now on the Wellness Calendar! Offered Monday-Friday at 3:00 PM & 3:20 PM (you can reach Heloise at
  • Parent Association Meeting tonight!

March 23rd:

  • Bridget Maddoksc has agreed to lead virtual yoga fitness sessions on Thursdays at 4:30 PM and a Relax & Unwind class on Sundays 7:00PM (links to these sessions can be found in the latest newsletter)
  • The coaches that were going to lead Speed & Agility, Weight Training, and Jump Training sessions will be leading classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:30 PM (links in newsletter)
  • Coaches have digital versions of the "What's Up?" cards
  • If you have a small businss that has been impacted by the COVID-19 situation, please feel out the following survey so we can share that information with our Cobb Atlanta family to try and support you
  • We have consolidated everything regarding the COVID lockdown under one tab on our website titlec COVID-19 Updates
  • Player Council had book discussions tonight
  • Parents Association meeting via Google Hangout tomorrow night, if you are on Parents Association and have not received an invite, please let us know
  • Tournament rescheduling is underway! More information to follow

March 20th:

  • A newsletter came out this morning with lots of information you can refer to (newsletters are being sent out every Tuesday and Friday during this period)
  • USAV has extended this shutdown period through April 15th
  • Big South has been postponed to June 5th-7th & other tournaments are also rescheduling
  • We cannot guarantee each team will run with the same tournament schedule due to all of the changes, so we are working on a plan as to which tournaments each team will attend (we should have a schedule by next week)
  • We have started video breakdowns for players, this will help with our athlete's mental game. Our first one will be lead by Coach Trina and is going live today at 3:30 PM (link will be posted in our Facebook Group)
  • Our first CAJ Challenge started yesterday and the winner of the challenge will be announced today
  • Challenges will come out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

March 19th:

  •  All office staff are working from home, but are available Monday-Friday from 9-5
  • We are looking into canceling/rescheduling NEXT  & SELECT league dates
  • The first CAJ challenge started today! Check it out here.
  • We posted several drills you can do at home. All drills are posted on our YouTube channel
  • Tomorrow (3/20) at 3:30 PM Coach Trina will be on Google Hangout (link will be posted in Facebook Group) of video breakdown of defense
  • Waiting to receive updates regarding the Kansas City Qualifier and Big South (postponed at the minimum)