2019-2020 Player Council

Congratulations to the following players for being named to our 2019-2020 Player Council!

Sophia Santaro

Sarah O'Connor

Amelia Peterson

Ivana Coker

Ellie Joy

Brooke Shafer

Eve Northrop

Sarah Ann Mathies

Addie McLarty

Kaitlyn Hite

Charolette May

Ashlyn Willis

Anabell Gordon

Lauren Fitzgerald

Titomi Adeyinka

Imani Mensah

Ansley Evers

Lauren Giles

Madison Kutschke

Brianna Caldwell

Olivia Haynes

Olivia McCord

Carly Christian

Ella Burris

Emmye Simpson

Bryana Winiarczyk

Lindsey Milligan

Paige Armstrong

Meredith Howell

Lauren Watson