NCAA Bracket Fundraiser

Our annual NCAA Bracket fundraiser is rapidly approaching! This year, we are raising money for the following items: 2 Speed Guns, 3 Mini Trampolines, 6 BOSU balls, a Setters Eye, a Catch It, another large carpeted box for hitting drills, and our big fundraiser for the year is new nets at McCleskey. These are all tools that will help our players succeed and take us to the next level of training!


How to participate? It costs $5 to enter a predicted NCAA Volleyball Championship bracket into the competition. The form will be emailed out once NCAA has finalized the participating teams. The person who submits the most accurate bracket estimation will win two free clinic certificates and a $25 gift card to the CAJ Sports Store!


To be eligible, completed brackets must be turned into the office before the first match starts. Be on the lookout for more information shortly! Current bracket can be found here but is still blank.