Pre-Season Fitness Level Testing

At the beginning of each club season, all Cobb Atlanta club players are tested on the following 6 exercises: 


·Vertical Jump

·Broad Jump


·Touch 6


·Box Test



Each of these exercises test a different aspect of a player's fitness level, and the results of these assessments give each player and Cobb Atlanta's fitness instructors baseline data for us to start the season with.   The assessments also provide us with a more complete understanding about each player's strengths, and in which areas  they need to improve. 


In the fitness area there are "Fitness Level Boards" where players may achieve different levels based on their scores on the above 6 tests, including "Overall Fitness Levels." These levels are designed to not only recognize athletic achievements but to help each player stay motivated throughout the season during fitness sessions and take home fitness each week, whichever is applicable to their team.  To make an "overall level" a player must achieve levels in several of the individual categories. 


Over the next few Saturday's each team is assigned a date and time to attend fitness evaluations. That schedule is attached to this email, as well as on your team's calendar on the Cobb Atlanta website. Pre-Season fitness testing is mandatory for each athlete at Cobb Atlanta, so if your daughter is unable to attend her team's assigned time, please register her for one of the  "make-up" slots that are posted.  


There will be opportunities for players to retest every 6 weeks to see the growth and improvement they have made. These retesting dates will be listed on the calendar and will not be mandatory, but it is a great chance to see a player's progression throughout the season.