Fitness Shoutouts

Fitness Shoutouts to the following Players:

Gabbi Phillips (15-1 Kelsey)

Gabbi achieved the Overall Blue Level when she retested last week during winter break. Below are her improvement in each exercise.

Vertical: Increased 2 inches
Broad Jump: Increase 7 1/2 inches 
T-Drill: Cut off 0.53 seconds
Touch 6: Cut off 0.41 seconds
Pushups: Increase by 2
High Box Test: Increase by 13 Jumps

Way to go, Gabbi!

Elizabeth Curry (14-1 Kevin)

Elizabeth was also able to achieve an overall level after she retested this week. Elizabeth achieved the Black Overall Level  Below are her improvements in each exercise.

Vertical: Increased by 1 inch
Broad Jump: Increased by 2 inches

T-Drill: Cut off 0.87 seconds
Touch 6: Cut off 0.71 seconds
High Box Test: Increase by 9 Jumps

Congrats, Elizabeth!

Athletes may retest every 6 weeks. There will be some opportunities on Saturday's to retest and then several opportunities over spring break. It is great to see our athletes improving through all their hard work!