Serving Regulations for NEXT Select League

Serving Regulations for Select League
Throughout last session we noticed that it seemed that the skill levels among the players in the select league varied greatly.   In order to raise the bar of the select league, we have decided to make some adjusts to the criteria for Select league evaluations.
 We are going to put an emphasis that players are able to serve from the end line to participate in the select league. Serving isn't going to be the only determining factor of who makes a select team and who does not, but it will be a very heavy factor.  We will also evaluate passing and setting at evaluations this week.
At evals this week, groups of players will be pulled onto a separate court to be evaluated just for serving. Each player will get the chance to serve 10 balls each- the evaluater will then mark down out of the 10 serves how many went over the net from the end line. 
We are hoping that this change in evaluation will make the level of play in the select league a bit higher and continue to help the players grow. 
As a reminder, if your player does not make a select team your player automatically gets placed on an academy level team. 
If you cannot make evals we handle team placement on an individual basis.