Pre-Season Fitness Evaluations


Pre-Season Fitness Evaluations were finished at the beginning of December.  During these evaluations players were tested on six different exercises.


  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • T-Drill
  • Touch 6
  • Pushups
  • Box Test
Each of these exercises tests a different aspect of a player's fitness level. Because of the fitness assessments, fitness instructors and players have baseline data and a more complete understanding about each player's strengths and areas that they can improve. There will be opportunities for players to retest every 6 weeks to see the growth and improvement they have made. These dates will be listed on the calendar and will not be mandatory, but it is a great chance to see a player's progression throughout the season. 
In the fitness area there are "Fitness Level Boards" where players may achieve different levels based on their scores on the above 6 tests. These levels are designed to not only recognize athletic achievements but to help each player stay motivated throughout the season during fitness sessions and to complete the mandatory take home fitness each week. To make an "overall level" a player must achieve levels in several of the individual categories. 
Congrats to those players that made an overall level!
Red Overall
Cam Bihary (18-1)
Black Overall
Sophie Gould (16-3)
Blue Overall
Payton Kenny (16-1)
Emily Maddocks (14-1)
Averi Urquhart (14-2)
We would also like to congratulate those players who made a level on individual exercises. To view the entire list of players who made a level for each individual exercise please click the link below. 


Also at orientation this year, each player was evaluated by Pinnacle Orthopedics with the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) protocol. An explanation of FMS is attached to this post.  Each player should've already received their evaluation sheet that gives their individual and overall test scores. Those who scored below 14 have been given corrective exercises to do that will allow for more efficient movement and decrease risk of injury.  Those who scored above 14 could've also been given corrective exercises to improve their overall score.