Good Posture Basics

One of our missions over this season is to help players have a better understanding that everything they do comes back to the level of athlete they are. Be aware of hydration, getting enough sleep, extra volleyball work, nutrition are all components of a player's performance in practice and then matches. One of the things that we stressed in the CAJ Way practices on Wednesday was being balanced. Players need to be balanced when they pass and when they hit, and this all starts with being balanced when they stand. Here is an excerpt from an article that talks about athletic posture and the "neutral position."
Good Posture Basics
Sports scientists, coaches and therapists talk of having a "neutral" posture. This means having a stable, neutral, balanced position. If you drop a plumb line from your ear, it should bisect each joint - the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle. These joints should be in a neutral position, which will improve spine alignment. You can see it in this picture, where the red line represents the plumb line: Correct Posture
The pelvis must also be held in a neutral position. This means the peak of the pelvis from the front to the back on either side should be at the same height, as shown by the green arrows in this image:
The full article can be found here
Our coaches and staff are going to be looking for and correcting players standing with bad posture, as this is the first step in ensuring that their skills fundamentals are correct.
Here's another video that shows some exercises for an end of day posture fix.
I hope you find these resources helpful in helping your athlete improve both on and off the court.