Team Building Meetings w/Coach Sean Glaze

This season Team Building Facilitator, Speaker, and Author, Sean Glaze, will be meeting with our travel and regional teams in place of last year's sports psychologist, Dr. Tiff. Dr. Tiff has relocated to Ohio and while we loved what she was able to accomplish with our teams last season, we are even more excited to bring Sean Glaze on to our staff. Sean has a special connection to Cobb Atlanta as both of his daughters, Abbey & Emily, are CAJ Alumnae!
About Sean Glaze:
Many of his stories and insights come from teaching literature and coaching high school basketball for over 20 years. He's currently the Head Basketball Coach for Kell High School. Hookem' Horns!
Today, Sean helps organizations improve their results by sharing the lessons he learned in leading two different struggling programs to tremendous turnarounds - with a focus on team cohesiveness and leadership development. 
Twice named to "Who's Who Among America's Educators," his experiences as a successful teacher and coach provide many of the powerful insights he shares to help corporate groups, school faculties, and athletic programs improve teamwork and performance with fun teacher team building events and interactive motivational keynotes.

Sean is a member with the Association of Experiential Education and the Southeast Association of Facilitators, Sean is also director of programs for the Georgia chapter of the National Speakers Association. Sean Glaze is also the author of The Unexpected Leader, Rapid Teamwork, and The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates, all leadership parables, and other books and CD's that focus on building teams and team leaders.

When he is not on the road inspiring groups to develop rapid teamwork, Sean enjoys being home in Atlanta with his wife Amy, their three kids, and two very lazy dogs. 


In discussing with Sean the program needed to help our teams grow, he stated our goal is "to prepare our athletes to perform with confidence and consistency in a competitive environment by learning to respond positively to mistakes, to give and receive feedback effectively and to handle pressure with poise". Tools and techniques to help accomplish these goals will be covered in this program.

Activity Meeting #1
Saturday, January 20 & Sunday, January 21 (schedule below)
Focus: How can you respond positively to mistakes?
Coaches' Activity
To be completed at practice week of February 4th led by coaches
Focus: What is a winning teammate's role during a storm?
Activity Meeting #2
To be completed during 45 minutes of team practice during March led by Sean Glaze
Focus: How do you give/receive feedback and stay coachable?
Activity Meeting #3
Focus: How can you perform with poise in pressure situations?
Each Activity Meeting will last for 45 minutes with an interactive activity and time to discuss and process as a team.
All meetings will take place at Cobb Atlanta Volleyball & Fitness Center. 
Players should be dressed in athletic attire.
13 Jessica, 14 Kevin, 14 Davis, 15 Ally (Following 8am-10am practice)
12 Tom, 12 Chad, 12 Hannah, 13 Jonathan, 14 Jim
13 Dea, 14 Ashley, 15 Danielle, 15 Tish
16 Megan, 16 Kylah, 16 Baley, 17 Pam, 17 Alyssa
15 Kelsey, 16 Michael, 16 Lindsay, 17 Mia, 18 Brian (Practice to follow)
13 Keri, 13 Dennis, 14 Kelly, 14 Stuart
14 Carli, 15 Crystal, 15 Miriam, 16 Melissa