2020-2021 Commitments

Virtual Perf. Training


This session is for Travel, ATL, and Premier players to complete their VPT requirements each week.  

To attend this session, you must pre-register. 

Players are required to have their cameras on, and feedback will be given from the coach. Please make sure the PLAYER'S name is listed when logging in so attendance can be taken. 

ALL players are required to have a jump rope for each session.

A player may attend up to 2 sessions each week if they are banking a session for future use.  They may attend more if they are needing to make-up sessions.   If a player is signing up for their second or more session of the week, they need to wait within 24 hours to ensure all players are able to sign up for their first session.   

A player may only attend 1 session per day.  

Player's will need the WEBEX App to attend. 


Metting Link and Information:

Meeting link:  Webex

Meeting number:  2633 356 1163

Password:  Is in the CAJ Club Newsletter that is sent each Wednesday

Mon, Mar 14, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Registered: 31
Registration Period: 
Tue, Nov 30