Fall 2109 NEXT League
Registration is now available for the Academy teams at the NEXT League!

Setting Session


ATL & Premier Team setters are expected to attend Setting Sessions when possible. This are FREE for the setters to attend. If you are not sure if you are expected to attend or not, you should reach out to your club coach. 

The Setting Coach for this session is Kimberly Nordeen, 14 Premier Head Coach.

Please register below so we know how many setters to expect each session. 

Upon arrival, head to the Setting Court in the back of Court 3 and sign-in with the Setting Coach.

Questions? Email office@cobbatlanta.com



Sun, Jan 13, 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm
Cobb Atlanta Volleyball & Fitness Center
Registered: 9
Registration Period: 
Fri, Nov 20