2020-2021 Commitments

CAJ Cupid's Showdown


Location: Various Atlanta Sites

Admission: $5 entry fee for 12 and up.

This will be a 1-day waivered tournament where every team is guaranteed 4 matches, with a maximum of 5.  There will be an AM wave at 8 AM, and PM wave will start at 3 PM.   We will be running smaller pools to ensure there is plenty of room to social distance, to ensure that each team recieves a complete day of play, and to limit the amoung of hours your athletes are in the gym. 

Food requirements differ by venue and will be posted on our website.

Visit www.cobbatlanta.com for complete COVID-19 operating procedures and tournament format details.


11 Amie - 11 Club

12 Paige - 12 Club

13 Michaela - 13 Club

13 Amanda - 13 Club

14 Ally - 14 Club

14 Megan - 14 Club

15 Kristin - 15 Club

15 Debbie - 15 Club

Sat, Feb 13, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Atlanta Area
Official Tournament Website: 
Entry Fee for Parents: 
$5 for 12 and up