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Sports Pscyhologist

We are excited to announce that we are the first club in the area to address the importance of mental strength/health in sports with the addition of Sports Psychologist, Dr. Tiffany Jones, to our club! 
Dr. Tiffany Jones is on staff at Kennesaw State University and is an AASP Certified sport psychology consultant as well as the Owner of X-Factor Performance Consulting, a firm that helps athletes of all ages, teams, coaches, and parents reach their excellence in and out of sport. As Owner, Dr. Jones has worked with professional athletes, national programs, colleges/universities, high schools, and youth programs from around the country and has helped prepare athletes for life's transitions after sports. Dr. Jones has spoken at several national coaching conferences where she has addressed topics such as mental toughness, managing emotions/anxiety, decreasing negative thoughts, coming back from injury, motivation, controlling the controllables, coaching the millennial generation, and developing effective communication between coaches and athletes. Click here for more on Dr. Tiffany Jones.
Each team will meet with Dr. Tiffany Jones twice each season. Two teams will be at the same time at Cobb Atlanta upstairs in the Player/Parent Lounge. The team meeting schedule is listed on each team's calendar, but you may also click here to view the schedule. We are also able to offer 1-on-1 sessions for a discounted rate for Cobb Atlanta athletes. The goal of the team sessions is to develop and then apply psychological skills on and off the court. Topics that will be covered are in the areas of communication, mental toughness, first follower, focus, managing emotions and pressure and confidence. Teams will participate in non-volleyball exercises that will challenge them psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, etc. After each exercise, the team and Dr. Tiff will then help the team apply the information they learned to their volleyball performance. Players will be given psychological tools to help them reach their excellence on and off the court!
Some of the most important things our players are learning include how to handle the pressure of competition & that accountability for teammates on the things we can control (attitude & effort) are crucial to a team's success. Coach Michael (17-1 Michael) had the following to say about his first meeting with Dr. Tiff: "The first thing that I would like to do is thank Dr. Tiff for facilitating this event. She was tremendously wonderful. She challenged our players mentally and made them look at the bigger picture....There were so many teachable moments during this time together. I am sure that the ladies have taken a lot away from this and I am excited to see its impact on our team."
Other coach reactions included:
"It was really valuable experience watching which players stepped up or struggled in the mental exercises. Dr. Tiff gave the team really valuable tools on how to deal with being down including how to get out of that feeling and how to help prevent it."
"As a coach, it gave me really great perspective about the mental state of each player on my team and who handles stress and pressure well. I love it and enjoyed receiving tips from Dr. Tiff."