2020-2021 Commitments

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Player Council

This will be a group of players from all ages that meet once a month from Dec until to brainstorm and exchange ideas to help make a positive impact on the club at the player and team level.

2017-2018 Player Council

Sarah Boyle (12 Tom)

Eileen Grouchnikov (12 Hannah)

Charlotte Ponier (12 Hannah)

Azzie Williams (12 Hannah)

Carys Nyboer (12 Katy)

Eliza Irwin (13 Keri)

Paige Armstrong (14 Kevin)

Ella Burris (14 Kevin)

Tegan James (14 Davis)

Lindsay Heslin (14 Sarah)

Lindsey Milligan (15 Kelsey)

Adisyn Tice (15 Ally)

Natalie Dietter (15 Tish)

Claire Terwilliger (16 Michael)

Lauren Watson (16 Lindsay)

Sophie Gould (16 Megan)

Anna Case (16 Megan)

Lilia Bezerra (16 Kylah)

Kendall Guthrie (16 Baley)

Christina Talerico (17 Mia)

Haley Hutching (17 Pam)

Jessica Moore (17 Alyssa)

Andrea Jones (18 Brian)



A note from 2016-2017 Player Council President, McKenna Redmond:

"Hi I am McKenna Redmond. I play for 17-1 Michael and I've been with Cobb Atlanta or 5 years and have served on Player Council for 4 of those years here. The purpose of Player Council is to help Cobb Atlanta and to enhance the player experience as a whole. In order to be able to make these changes, Player Council is divided into 4 committees.

Each committee has a Chairman and coach who serves as an advisor to that committee:

  • Facility & Capital Improvement Committee: Kendall Guthrie (chairman) & Jessica Turnbull (advisor)
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Committee: Andrea Jones (chairman) & Megan Presswood (advisor)
  • Community Outreach Committee: Sam Jones (chairman), Lindsay Casey (advisor) & Kayla Henderson (advisor)
  • CAJ Sports Store Committee: Grace Anello (chairman) & Chad Heath (advisor)
  • Below is the list of the items we are proud to have accomplished this year.

2017-2017 Player Council Accomplishments:

  • Big Sis & Lil Sis Beach Showdown
  • Cobb Atlanta Pop Sockets
  • Clocks in each Gym
  • CAJ Sports Store Item of the Week
  • Wall of Fam
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Motivation March
  • Blessing Bag for MUST Ministries
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Valentine's Swap
  • Nursing Home Visits
  • Select 2017-2018 Club Uniform Package

As Player Council grows, we are excited to continue to make improvements to our club experience!"