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Player Council

This will be a group of players from all ages that meet once a month from Dec until to brainstorm and exchange ideas to help make a positive impact on the club at the player and team level.

2016-2017 Player Council

Jessa Stebbins (12-2 Chad)

Eileen Grouchnikov (12-3 Avery)

Camden Weigle (13-2 Jonathan)

Zoe Scheblein (13-3 Kasey)

Mary Beth Patellis (13-2 ATL Miranda)

Chandler Parker (14-1 Kevin)

Natalie Dietter (14-2 ATL Edward)

Andrea Jones (15-1 Kelsey)

Frannie Evans (15-2 Davis)

Haley Hutchings (15-3 Ally)

Colton Glaze (15-4 Jim)

Kendall Guthrie (15-1 ATL Kelly)

Lilia Bezerra (15-1 ATL Kelly)

Calley Anderson (15-2 ATL Rachael)

Katie Whitfield (15-2 ATL Rachael)

Katelyn Rud (15-3 ATL Chase)

Emily Griffith (16-1 Katie)

Madison Cross (16-2 Lindsay)

Heather Halapin (16-1 ATL Crystal)

Sam Jones (17-1 Michael)

McKenna Redmond (17-1 Michael)

Lauren McLoughlin (17-1 ATL A’Sheana)

Grace Anello (18-1 Karlyn)


A note from 2016-2017 Player Council President, McKenna Redmond:

"Hi I am McKenna Redmond. I play for 17-1 Michael and I've been with Cobb Atlanta or 5 years and have served on Player Council for 4 of those years here. The purpose of Player Council is to help Cobb Atlanta and to enhance the player experience as a whole. In order to be able to make these changes, Player Council is divided into 4 committees.

Each committee has a Chairman and coach who serves as an advisor to that committee:

  • Facility & Capital Improvement Committee: Kendall Guthrie (chairman) & Jessica Turnbull (advisor)
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Committee: Andrea Jones (chairman) & Megan Presswood (advisor)
  • Community Outreach Committee: Sam Jones (chairman), Lindsay Casey (advisor) & Kayla Henderson (advisor)
  • CAJ Sports Store Committee: Grace Anello (chairman) & Chad Heath (advisor)
  • Below is the list of the items we are proud to have accomplished this year.

2017-2017 Player Council Accomplishments:

  • Big Sis & Lil Sis Beach Showdown
  • Cobb Atlanta Pop Sockets
  • Clocks in each Gym
  • CAJ Sports Store Item of the Week
  • Wall of Fam
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Motivation March
  • Blessing Bag for MUST Ministries
  • Big Sis/Lil Sis Valentine's Swap
  • Nursing Home Visits
  • Select 2017-2018 Club Uniform Package

As Player Council grows, we are excited to continue to make improvements to our club experience!"