2020-2021 Commitments


Fitness Levels


Each season, players are evaluated on the following 6 exercises and have opportunities throughout the season to retest to improve their previous "score". 


  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • T-Drill
  • Touch 6
  • Pushups
  • Box Test


Each of these exercises tests a different aspect of a player's fitness level. Because of the fitness assessments, fitness instructors and players have baseline data and a more complete understanding of each player's strengths and areas that they can improve. There will be opportunities for players to retest every 6 weeks to see the growth and improvement they have made. These dates will be listed on the calendar and will not be mandatory, but it is a great chance to see a player's progression throughout the season. 
In the fitness area, there are "Fitness Level Boards" where players may achieve different levels based on their scores on the above 6 tests. These levels are designed to not only recognize athletic achievements but to help each player stay motivated throughout the season during fitness sessions and to complete the mandatory take-home fitness each week. To make an "overall level" a player must achieve levels in several of the individual categories. 
Congrats to those players that made an overall level so far for the 2020-2021 season!
Overall Fitness Levels
Red Level Black Level Blue Level
Nyla Boswell (14-1 ATL)
Brie Leath (12-1)
 Samantha Detling (11-1)
Gabrielle Key (14-1 PRE)
Elle Whitfield (13-1)
Gabby Curfman (12-1)
  Kalen Ehlenbach (14-2) Hannah Nicholson (13-1 ATL)
Avery Park (14-1 PRE)
Grace Leath (14-2)
Valerie Thomas (14-1 PRE)
Reagan Mozier (15-1)
Alexis Stubbs (15-1)
Ryan Lacey (15-2 ATL)
Alexandria James (15-2 ATL)
Alessandra Sierra (16-1)
Carter Strech (16-1 ATL)
Caroline Buhay (17-2)
  Chandler Alter (18-1) Kori Mills (18-1)


We would also like to congratulate those players who made a level on individual exercises.