2020-2021 Commitments

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Overview & Purpose of Fitness at Cobb Atlanta
The purpose of fitness at Cobb Atlanta is to develop a better athlete. Volleyball is more competitive than ever, and training properly will help each athlete get that winning edge against their opponents. Performance training is important for every athlete as it decreases the likelihood of injury by teaching functional and proper movements of the body. We will work on a variety of aspects during fitness including: plyometrics, agility, strength, balance, power and endurance, all of which are essential in developing a sound athlete and a better volleyball player.
Our Goals of Fitness
  • To provide an environment that players can work on their strength, conditioning and agility outside of practice time.
  • To teach athletes basic movements, ask them to do new things, push them beyond their comfort zone to improve and to help them become better athletes.
  • To train the body with functional movements to help decrease the likelihood of an injury occurring.
  • To increase athleticism in each player to help them compete at a higher level.


Coach Kelsey Bennett begins her fifth year as the Fitness Coordinator at Cobb Atlanta. Coach Kelsey was a division I volleyball player at Campbell University in North Carolina. She graduated from Campbell University with a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science. After graduation, Coach Kelsey returned to her home state of Utah and became the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the NJCAA nationally ranked Salt Lake Community College Volleyball team. She worked with the team at SLCC for 3 years.

While at SLCC, Coach Kelsey also was a performance trainer at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital for their Sports Training Program. She worked with athletes across a variety of ages, skill levels and sports. She focused on coaching athletes to increase their speed, strength, power and agility. While at TOSH, Coach Bennett frequently worked with athletes recovering from ACL reconstructions, preparing them to return back to their sport. Coach Bennett is Level 2 certified in the Athletic Republic Sports Training program. She has a deep passion to help athletes prepare themselves physically and mentally so they may perform at their highest potential on the court.

At Cobb Atlanta, Coach Kelsey has helped transform our fitness program where players enjoy attending fitness sessions because they can clearly see the benefits from the program on the court. Coach Kelsey hires and trains the Fitness Instructors that help assist her with fitness sessions throughout the season. If you want to be a stronger, better, faster athlete - you will want to be apart of our training regime!


Fitness Levels

Each season, players are evaluated on the following 6 exercises and have opportunities throughout the season to retest to improve their previous "score". 


  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • T-Drill
  • Touch 6
  • Pushups
  • Box Test


Each of these exercises tests a different aspect of a player's fitness level. Because of the fitness assessments, fitness instructors and players have baseline data and a more complete understanding of each player's strengths and areas that they can improve. There will be opportunities for players to retest every 6 weeks to see the growth and improvement they have made. These dates will be listed on the calendar and will not be mandatory, but it is a great chance to see a player's progression throughout the season. 
In the fitness area, there are "Fitness Level Boards" where players may achieve different levels based on their scores on the above 6 tests. These levels are designed to not only recognize athletic achievements but to help each player stay motivated throughout the season during fitness sessions and to complete the mandatory take-home fitness each week. To make an "overall level" a player must achieve levels in several of the individual categories. 
Congrats to those players that made an overall level!
Andrea Jones -18 Sarah/Micahel
Emily Maddocks- 16 Joe
Gabbi Phillips- 17 Trina
Titomi Adeyinka- 14 Kim
Jakaila Jones- 12 Tom
Amelia Peterson- 12 Raven
Alexis Stubbs- 15 Katie
Chandler Alter- 17 Trina
Olivia Hamilton- 12 Tom
Ryleigh Pruitt- 14 Kelsey
Nyla Boswell- 13 Jola
Meghan Shultz- 14 Kelsey
Alexandria James- 14 Kelly
We would also like to congratulate those players who made a level on individual exercises.