2020-2021 Commitments

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The Cobb Atlanta Difference

  • Our Family

CAJ has assembled an amazing group of Coaches, Players, Parents, & Alumni.

  • We believe our coaching staff is the best in the business. Our coaches are former players, from college alumni to playing professionally overseas. We have coaches who have reffed college and professional beach matches and are experienced in all aspects of the sport. These coaches are passionate and eager to learn that they continually work to increase their coaching skills. Most importantly, our coaches are knowledgeable about the sport and love the game. We invite you to ask around, as we believe our reputation will validate this.
  • At Cobb Atlanta, players are expected to perform at a high level on the court, and we encourage our players to apply those standards of excellence to all aspects of their lives. We have been fortunate to have over 1,000 players through our program who have embodied these core values and have set the standard high for future players.
  • Without quality parents, we cannot be a quality club. Parents set the foundation in our great kids, and they further our great reputation by displaying exemplary sportsmanship in the stands. 
  • CAJ Alumni are spread throughout the country continuing their love of their life long sport in a variety of ways.  From current collegiate players and high school coaches to club coaches, our alumni are continuing to share the love of volleyball that was fostered at Cobb Atlanta with countless others.  This ripple effect of CAJ is a fantastic indicator of success.  To see where our alumni are playing in college click here!
  • Our Red team head coaches are committed to helping all players in their age group with the recruiting process.  Cobb Atlanta will be hosting recruiting seminars with College Coaches, providing all players with the tools they need to stay on track in the recruiting process.



  • Other Programs & Training

Cobb Atlanta offers a complete set of tools to help you improve as a player! 

  • We offer Volley Aces Classes for players in K-2nd Grade.
  • We offer Volley Skills Classes for players in 3rd-9th Grade.
  • We offer YMCA/NEXT Developmental Leagues for players in 2nd-12th Grade.
  • We offer Select League for players in 4th-8th Grade.
  • Our coaches teach Camps and Individual/Small Group Skills Clinics throughout the season and off-season.
  • Fitness sessions focused on enhancing and training the body specifically for optimal performance on the volleyball court, including Speed and Agility, Weight Lifting, and Jump Training.
  • We have an in-house Personal Trainer and Chiropractor who you can set up a private appointment with. 
  • We have state of the art recovery equipment which we keep in the Athletic Recovery Room.