2020-2021 Commitments

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Club Leadership



Jessica Turnbull
Club Director


Responsible for overall operations of Cobb Atlanta including business administration, finances, coach assignments, schedules (tournament, practice, scrimmages).





Sarah Richards
Office Manager & NEXT Coordinator


Responsible for hiring procedures, gym schedule, coach administration, clinic/camp schedule, Team Parents, Uniform Liaisons, team travel (hotels, flights), tournament registration. Responsible for NEXT League including coaches, schedules, practice plans and overall success of the program.






Scott Turnbull
Accounting Manager, CPA


Responsible for overall budget, creation of club fees, collection of fees, invoicing/bills of all operations.









Amie Held
Recruiting Coordinator & ATL Coach Director


Responsible for college recruitment, oversee ATL teams/coaches, training coaches, creation of CAJ Way expectations to teach skills.











Sarah Richards
NEXT Coordinator


Responsible for NEXT League including coaches, schedules, practice plans and overall success of the program.









Kelsey Bennett
Fitness Coordinator & Facility Manager

Responsible for physical training provided at Cobb Atlanta, hiring and training Fitness Instructors, orientation fitness testing, and overseeing gym/building/equipment maintenance.







Trina Braden
Clinic Coordinator

Responsible for organizing clinics provided at Cobb Atlanta, hiring and training clinic coaches, and overseeing gym/building/equipment maintenance.







Bri Schunzel
Setting Coach & Volley Skills and Volley Aces Coordinator


Responsible for positional setter training during the club season. Oversees the Volley Skills and Volley Acesprogram including staffing, training, communication, and overall success of the program.







Heloise Jones
Pinnacle Orthopaedics, Certified Athletic Trainer


Responsible for prevention, examination and treatment to players' injuries. Heloise works with Pinnacle Orthopaedics to provide assessments and physical therapy and setting up next-day appointments with Pinnacle, if necessary.








Steve Kenyon
Club Score Keeping & Referee Coordinator


Responsible for educating coaches and players on any rule changes made year to year.