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Each clinic is 1 hour long and is lead by a Cobb Atlanta Coach. To sign up for your player's available clinics please go to your individual team calendar and click on the event to register.  To view clinics that you have registered for, visit your player's profile by clicking the link in your Parent Menu. If you are not a current member of Cobb Atlanta, you can still register for clinics by visiting the calendar tab on our website. If you have questions not answered below, please email clinics@cobbatlanta.com 

To prevent older girls from mixing with younger girls we have separated the clinics into age groups. When clinics are posted we will tag your individual teams on your team calendar.


At Cobb Atlanta, we offer several different types of clinics to suit your needs.  You do not have to be a member of a Cobb Atlanta team to participate in a clinic. All clinics are limited in space, so it is important for players to give a 48 hour - 24-hour notice on cancellations.  If a player fails to cancel for a clinic that they are signed up for, it will be necessary for them to pay online before their registration is valid for future clinics. Check out the list below to find a clinic that best fits your needs!

  • 4 on 1: Four players per coach, for each player the cost is $35.00 (1 hour session). Registration for this clinic can be found on the Cobb Atlanta Calendar.
  • Small Group Clinics: These clinics are based on a skill or a set of skills that players will work on. The player maximum is 8 players to 1 coach. The cost for this 1-hour session is $25/ cobb atlanta player $35/ non cobb atlanta player. Registration for this clinic can be found on the Cobb Atlanta Calendar.
  • Large Group Clinic: maximum of 45 players. 9 players per coach, the cost is $25.00 (2-hour session). These clinics are offered in the months leading up to Club Tryouts. 
    • Practice and Plays: This class is run in the months leading up Club Tryouts. This class is run by the age group coaches for the upcoming season and is a great way for coaches to see players before tryouts and for players to get a good feel of how Cobb Atlanta is run.
    • Tryout Preps: This is a class is run in the months leading up to Club Tryouts. This class is run by a Cobb Atlanta Clinic Coach along with age group coaches (if available) for the upcoming season. This clinic is a run thru of Club Tryouts, we do the same drills that players will go through during our tryout process. 
  • 1 on 1 Clinic: If your player is interested in a 1 on 1 clinic- please email clinics@cobbatlanta.com 


We also have labeled clinics by the level of play so that the clinic teaches the players the desired skills more effectively. Below is the description of all levels so you know what to register for:

  • Basics Of: In a "basics of" skill clinic, we teach the beginner level of volleyball with no past experience needed. These classes are for starter volleyball stars.
  • Beginner: In a beginner clinic, no experience is needed, but we go into more detail than a "basics of" skill class. These classes are for those who know they want to play the sport and are ready to train up their skills for future play.
  • Intermediate: In an intermediate clinic, players need little to no organized volleyball experience (on a team), but should have initial knowledge of the sport and its techniques. This includes players in our NEXT and Select Leagues.
  • Advanced: In an advanced clinic, players need at least 1 year of organized, Club Level Volleyball play. This includes players on our Premier, ATL, and Travel Teams.
  • Elite: In an elite clinic, all players must have played on a 1s team in either the previous or current seasons with CAJ. If you are visiting from another club, please seek admin approval before registering for an elite level clinic by emailing clinics@cobbatlanta.com.

**Any clinics with a (+) include the listed level of play and higher. Ex) Advanced+ includes both advanced and elite players)

When viewing our calendar, we understand it may be difficult to pick out what may be the right clinic for you. To provide some guidance, we have described what techniques are learned in each skill clinic. 

Serving: In a serving clinic, the coach's emphasis will be on hand placement, footwork, and hand-eye coordination.

Passing: These clinics focus on ball control, passing to stationary targets, footwork, partner passing, and high repetition with the technique of the most fundamental skill of volleyball.

Defense: Defensive players have the mindset that no ball hits the floor. In that mindset, our players learn to read the opponent's offense and defend from a hit, whether that defense is through a dig or a block.

Serve Receive: To run an effective serve receive, the player must be able to read the opponent's serve through analysis of hand placement and body language. The clinic involves a high number of reps receiving serves of various styles in different zones on the court. We also emphasize the footwork and platform angles needed for an effective serve receive.

Serve/Serve Receive: These clinics combine both serving skills and serve receive techniques that will be practiced in a larger group setting.

Libero Training: This clinic type trains a specialized position of the libero (the player in a different color jersey who is typically the strongest passer on the court). Training as a libero required special focus and dedication as well as an accuracy both in passes and serves, all of which are studied in the clinic.

General Hitting: These clinics are for the 12 and Under players to teach footwork, timing, and overhead contact and jumping. These clinics teach players how to play both as a Pin (outside) and Middle Attacker (Hitter).

Blocking: Blockers are front row players (hitters and sometimes setters) who need to keep the ball from crossing the net. This clinic teaches the convention of keeping the ball from crossing the plane of the net, and the timing, footwork, and reading of the opponent that contributes to it. Blocking is included in all pin and middle hitting clinics but is pulled into a separate clinic for 12s and Under.

Pin Hitting: These clinics train the outside and right side hitters in areas of attacking including footwork and transition, defensive transitions, clicking, and variations of shot options (the hitting options that vary based on the tempo of the set). The ultimate goal of the clinics is to train pin hitters to become 6 rotation players (to play all the way around the court).

Middle Hitting: These clinics train the middle hitters on footwork, lateral movements, transitions, various tempo approaches based on the pace and height of sets, and the difference between 1s and 2s sets. In addition, we train our middle hitters on their footwork to close the gap between them and our pin hitters when blocking.

Box Work: In these clinics, players work specifically on arm swing and angles by standing on a box to hit. This clinic focuses on the upper body technique of attacking.

Setting: Setting clinics focus on small group instruction over various types of sets including 4s, 1s, 2s, 8s/9s, shoots, slides, and more! We emphasize proper footwork that moves the players around the court as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Offensive Systems: These elite level clinics study different offensive plays, focus on the opponent's defense, and teach advanced timing and opportunity attacks with a variety of passes and sets.

Defensive Systems: These elite level clinics study the differences of defensive systems from Rotational, Perimeter, Middle Back Up, and Hybrid rotations as well as the advantages and disadvantages with each.

Player's Choice of Skils: In a player choice clinic, the player has the ability to decide which skills they would like to work on for the hour session. Each of these clinics is determined by coach availability only.

What do we offer for your player specifically?

Skills Offered for Each Age Group
  11s 12s 13s 14s 15s 16s 17s 18s


x x x x x x x x
Passing x x x x x x x x
Defense x x x x x x x x
Serve Receive x x x x x x x x
Serve/Serve Receive x x x x x x x x
Libero Training     x x x x x x
General Hitting x x            
Blocking x x            
Pin Hitting     x x x x x x
Middle Hitting     x x x x x x
Box Work     x x x x x x
Setting x x x x x x x x
Offensive Systems     x x x x x x
Defensive Systems     x x x x x x
Player's Choice x x x x x x x x


Skills Offered for Each Skill Level

  Basics Of Beginner Intermediate Advanced Elite


x x x x x
Passing x x x x x
Defense x x x x x
Serve Receive     x x x
Serve/Serve Receive       x x
Libero Training       x x
General Hitting x x x    
Blocking x x x x  
Pin Hitting       x x
Middle Hitting       x x
Box Work       x x
Setting x x x x x
Offensive Systems         x
Defensive Systems         x
Player's Choice x x x x x

What now? Go register! Visit our calendar tab or click here to see all events that are live now. We cannot wait to see you in our gym soon! 

If you have questions not answered above, please email clinics@cobbatlanta.com 

Clinic Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance of the clinic, will receive a credit on their account for the amount they paid for the event. After that, there will be no refunds for cancellations. Payment is required 48 hours in advance to hold your spot in the clinic. This is to allow players on the waitlist a chance to sign up and attend the clinic.