2020-2021 Commitments

CAJ March Madness - 3/6

General Tournament Information

Location Information


AM Wave begins at 8 AM - Doors open at 7 AM

PM Wave begins at 2 PM - We ask parents to not enter until 1:30 PM.

Pool Sheets will be linked once they are posted on SRVA.org.

11 Club Kennesaw Mtn. HS (Small Gym) AM Wave 11 Club Pool Sheet

12 Club

North Cobb HS

AM Wave

12 Club Pool Sheet

13 Club

Kennesaw Mtn. HS

AM Wave

13 Club Pool Sheet

14 Club

Kennesaw Mtn. HS

PM Wave

14 Club Pool Sheet

15 Club




16 Club

North Cobb HS (OLD GYM) AM Wave 16 Club Pool Sheet

17 Club




18 Club




For details on each location, check out our Hosted Tournament Locations Page.

Medals are award to the GOLD Champion only. 



We prefer to go cashless and access PayPal and Venmo.

Paypal - jessica@cobbatlanta.com

Venmo - @cobbatlanta.

Please have your receipt if you pay ahead of time - showing your phone screen is acceptable!