2020-2021 Commitments

CAJ Hosted Tournaments


Due to COVID and trying to limit waiting time in the gym, we run our tournaments in pools of 6 with waves (either AM Wave or PM). If there are 5 teams in a pool, we will still run it on 2 courts, and referee teams will have to referee 2 courts at a time.   This is to limit the number of players and parents sitting and waiting throughout the day.

AM Wave Starts at 8 AM, Doors open at 7 AM.

PM Wave Starts at 2 PM, We ask that you wait to enter until 1:30 PM.

4 Team Tournaments

  • Pool play matches will be 2 sets, playing 0-25.
  • Post Pool Matches will be best of 3. 
    • 1st & 2nd in the pool will go to the Gold Championship.
    • 3rd & 4th in the pool will play for 3rd.

5 Team Tournaments

  • Pool play matches will be 2 sets, playing 0-25.
  • Gold Champion is the winner of the Pool.

6 Team Tournaments

  • 2 Pools, of 3 Teams.  Each pool play match will be 2 sets, playing 0-25.
  • After the 1st pool play, teams will be re-seeded into a Gold Pool and Silver Pool.
  • The winner of the Gold Pool is the winner of the tournament.

We appreciate your patience in the change in tournament layouts.   Our goals are to ensure everyone gets 4 Matches, minimize a team's downtimes, and minimize the number of teams in the gym at one time. .   We are all hoping to be back to regular tournament formatting in 2022! 


General Location Information

Click on the link above to get the information on each location about the following:

  • Parking
  • Food tables
  • Outside Food
  • Need to bring your own spectator chairs


  • Entry Fee
    • 12 & up:  $5 entry fee
    • 11 & Under: Free
    • We prefer to go cashless and access PayPal and Venmo.
    • Please have your receipt if you pay ahead of time.  
  • Spectator Limit
    • We are limiting 20 Spectators per team.
  • COVID Policies
    • All spectators must wear masks.
    • We ask that you social distance as much as possible.
    • Temperatures will be taken.