2020-2021 Commitments

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CAJ Challenge Schedule

April 11th

SUNDAY 2:30-4:30 PM @ CAJ

11-1 Amie - Navy Blue

12-1 ATL Paul - Red

12- 1 Pre Jazzlyn - Light Grey

13-2 ATL Kat - Black

13-1 PRE Michaela - Dark Grey

13-2 PRE Amanda - Light Pink


SUNDAY 5:00-7:00 PM @ CAJ

13-1 ATL Jola - Gold

14-2 ATL Rob - White

14-1 PRE Ally - Brown

14-2 PRE Megan - Light Blue

15-1 PRE Kristin - Navy Blue

15-2 PRE Debbie - Black


SUNDAY 7:15 PM-9:15 PM @ CAJ

14-1 ATL Brian - Light Purple

15-1 ATL Stuart - Green

15-2 ATL Emily - Red

16-1 ATL Lisa - Army Green

17-1 ATL Jessica - Light Purple

18-1 ATL Amy - Brown


April 12th

MONDAY 6:00 PM-8:00 PM @ CAJ

12-1 Tom - Orange

13-1 Trina - Purple

13-2 Raven - Hot Pink

14-1 Kelsey - Green

14-2 Kylah - Yellow

14-3 Amanda - Army Green


April 13th

TUESDAY 6:00 PM-8:00 PM @ McCleskey

16-1 Jessica - Grey

16-2 Celeste - Light Pink

16-3 Pam - Yellow

17-1 Alex - Light Blue

17-2 Scott - White

18-1 Sarah - Hot Pink

15-1 Trina - Purple

15-2 Rachel - Orange

Tournament Finishes

Congratulations to our teams that competed in the Pre-BSQ this past weekend and finished strong!


16 Lisa- 2nd place in 17s Division @ Pre-BSQ

15 Kristin- 2nd place in Gold @ Pre-BSQ

13 Michaela- 3rd place in Gold @ Pre-BSQ

3/25 - Tonight's Activities Canceled!

Parents & Players -

We are going to cancel all activities this evening.   This includes Clinics, Club Practices, SELECT Practices, NEXT League Practices at all locations.  

Virtual Fitness will be ON as scheduled. On-Site Fitness is canceled. Any player previously signed up for on-site fitness will receive credit for tonight's session.

I apologize for the late notice. I have been hoping that the storm would move to the north all day, and we would be fine. With the main part of the storm scheduled to be at CAJ around 7:30, we want everyone to be safe at home instead of switching practices

Thank you for your understanding.


- Jessica

Fitness Level Achievements & Retesting

Congrats to Ella Giordano (14 Brian) for achieving Overall Black level last week at retesting. Each player that has achieved an overall level this year will be receiving a pin for their backpack! The next retesting will take place over Spring Break. Dates and times can be found on the calendar!

2021 Summer Camps

Our 2021 Summer Camps have posted to our calendar!

We have a wide range of camps from elementary school through highschool for all skill levels during the months of June, July and August. 

We are also offering Advanced and Elite Positionals for Middle and High Schoolers.

For incoming college volleyball players - Check out our High Intensity College Prep Camp!


Here is the link to our calendar!


We look forward to seeing you!

COVID Testing

COVID Testing Information:


We will be offering testing on Sundays from 4:30pm - 8:30pm.  Unfortunately, we cannot overnight tests to the facility to get processed on Sundays so we will start receiving results on Tuesday morning. 

We will also be offering testing Tuesdays from 4:00pm-5:45pm.  We have moved the end time up to 5:45pm so that we can ship the results that evening and start to receive test results on Wednesday. Hopefully this will allow us to provide you with results faster.

You will enter Door 4 at the front of the building. This is the door that leads directly into the stairwell upstairs (the door to the left of the main front doors). Please go immediately up the stairs into the parent viewing area (NOT the player/parent lounge). Please make sure to space appropriately while waiting and to fill out the QR code indicating who is testing. After completing your test, please exit the back stairway to the main lobby. 


If we find that there is congestion, we will go back to signing up for a time.





Please complete the attached form(s) and bring them with you. It will be most efficient if this form is already completed.  


Attached you will find:

Requisition Form for PCR Testing: Please fill first two sections PATIENT INFORMATION and PATIENT INSURANCE and be sure to PRINT and SIGN at the bottom of the page. Should someone be uninsured for whatever reason, please have them fill out the Attestation Form in addition to the requisition form.

Requisition Form for PCR Testing


Attestation Form of Uninsured: If the individual is uninsured by no insurance or by being undocumented, we will need to have them sign this Attestation Form verifying they do not have insurance in addition to the Requisition Form. We do NOT ask if they are undocumented, it simply will attest they are uninsured, no questions asked. Please have this form printed and stapled to the Requisition Form.

Attestation Form of Uninsured


If these forms are NOT fully completed it will delay your results. We will start to receive results in 24-48 hours. All negative results will receive an email, and any positive results will receive a call from our COVID coordinator or our director. 

Uniform Distribution and Scrimmage Schedule

Uniform distribution will take place on January 9th, at Cobb Atlanta. Upon arrival, teams will need to enter through the back door of their assigned courts at Cobb Atlanta to receive their uniforms.

Uniform Distribution & Photo Schedule

Arrival Time

Court 1

Court 3

8:00 AM


12-1 Premier

8:10 AM


12-1 ATL

8:30 AM



8:45 AM



9:00 AM


13-1 ATL

9:15 AM

14-1 ATL


9:30 AM



9:45 AM



10:00 AM



10:15 AM

13-2 ATL


10:30 AM


14-2 ATL

10:45 AM



11:00 AM




Uniform Distribution & Photo Schedule

Arrival Time

Court 1

Court 3

11:15 AM



11:30 AM

14-1 Premier

14-2 Premier

11:45 AM

15-1 Premier

15-2 Premier

12:00 PM



12:15 PM



12:30 PM



12:45 PM

13-1 Premier

13-2 Premier

1:00 PM


16-1 ATL

1:15 PM



1:30 PM



1:45 PM



2:00 PM

18-1 ATL


2:15 PM

15-1 ATL

15-2 ATL

Matches will take place on January 9th, at McCleskey Middle School. Teams will play one match (the best of three). There will be an hour of play time per team. Only 2 spectators per athlete will be allowed to watch. Parents will need to bring your own chair and wear a mask. There will be no water fountains available, so players need enough water to last them throughout the scrimmage. If your team is not playing, we ask that all spectators, including the team, please wait outside. There is a time buffer put in place internally for ball and court sanitization.

Court 2 (SC)

Court 3 (Gym C)

9:00 AM


12-1 Premier


12-1 ATL

10:15 AM


13-1 ATL

14-1 ATL


11:30 AM

13-2 ATL

13-1 ATL

14-1 ATL

14-2 ATL

12:45 PM

15-1 Premier

15-2 Premier

14-1 Premier

14-2 Premier

2:00 PM


16-1 ATL

13-1 Premier

13-2 Premier

3:15 PM

18-1 ATL


15-1 ATL

15-2 ATL


2020-2021 Player Council Members

Please help us recognize our new 2020-2021 Player Council Members! Player Council is a player-based leadership group that meets once a month from December to August and develops leadership skills, gives back to the club/community and gives feedback on how to improve the player experience at Cobb Atlanta.

Mary-Claire Rimmer - 12-PRE 1 Paige

Samantha Karel - 13-1 Trina

Ady Grace Miller- 13-2 Raven

Ansley Harpin - 13-ATL 1 Jola

Victoria Hartill - 13-ATL 2 Kat

Sarah O'Connor - 13-ATL 2 Kat

Amber Kay Gordon - 13-ATL 2 Kat

Cydney Burnett - 14-1 Kelsey

Charlotte May - 14-1 Kelsey

Aila McLean - 14-2 ATL Rob

Sarah Ann Mathies - 14-2 Kylah

Aletta Haff - 14-2 Kylah

Brooke Shafer - 14-3 Amanda

Grace Hainje - 14-PRE 1 Ally

Alexis Stubbs - 15-1 Trina

Norah Harmon - 15-1 Trina

Ryan Pope - 15-2 Rachael

Anabell Gordon - 15-ATL 1 Stuart

Ryan Lacey - 15-ATL 2 Emily

Eileen Grouchnikov - 15-ATL 2 Emily

Lauren Fitzgerald - 15-PRE 1 Kristin

Madison Kuykendall - 15-PRE 1 Kristin

Destiny Lee - 15-PRE 2 Brian/Debbie

Alessandra Sierra - 16-1 Jessica

Ryli Dancy - 16-1 Jessica

Farren Phillips - 16-1 Jessica

Madison Kutschke - 16-1 Jessica

Reilly Marty - 16-2 Celeste

Olivia McCord - 16-ATL 1 Lisa

Madison Collins - 17-1 Alex

Khemille Brown - 17-2 Scott

Raegan Churi - 17-ATL 1 Jessica

Maahi Parikh - 17-ATL 1 Jessica

Daly Miller - 17-ATL 1 Jessica

Nia Duckett - 18-ATL 1 Amy


2020 CAJ Fitness Expectations

2020 CAJ Fitness Expectations


Travel Teams

  • Attend two fitness sessions on-site per week
    • Team Fitness Session 
      • Attached to one practice each week
      • Remains the same throughout the season
    • Additional Session 
      • Must sign up for session each week
  • Two at-home fitness sessions over school breaks - Holiday Break, Winter Break, Spring Break
    • Fitness survey on player menu required to be filled out
  • Fitness sessions attended onsite over schools breaks may count for an at-home fitness and be ‘banked’ for future use throughout the season


ATL Teams

  • One virtual fitness session each week
    • Must sign up for session each week
    • The camera needs to be on throughout the session
  • One at-home fitness session each week
    • Fitness survey on player menu required to be filled out
  • Two at-home fitness sessions over school breaks - Holiday Break, Winter Break, Spring Break
    • Fitness survey on player menu required to be filled out
  • Option to add on-site fitness once per week ($150 add on fee)
    • Will replace either virtual or at-home fitness each week


Premier Teams

  • One at-home fitness session each week
    • Fitness survey on player menu required to be filled out
  • Option to add on-site fitness once per week ($150 add on fee)
    • Will replace at-home fitness each week


**If you have any questions please email Kelsey Bennett our Fitness Coordinator kelseybennett@cobbatlanta.com


2020 Commitment Night Details!

Congratulations, and welcome to Cobb Atlanta for the 2020-2021 Season!


We are very excited to kick off our season and see you all at Commitment Night on Friday, November 13th.   Since Commitment Night will look different this year, we appreciate your patience as we go through the night.  


Commitment Night is the first time our teams are entirely together, and while we have to do it COVID-19 Style this year, we hope it’s still an excellent event for you and your player.   The purpose of Commitment Night is to welcome your player and family to CAJ for the season, start our uniform ordering process, and take care of 95% of our administrative items.  We know it’s a lot, and we promise to be there to guide you through it.  Teams will also select their uniform numbers at Commitment Night. The details of this year’s commitment night are in this email. 


Information regarding our administrative forms will be sent Thursday AM.




Friday, November 13th

Cobb Atlanta Volleyball 

1880 West Oak Parkway #218

Marietta, GA 30062

Team arrival times are at the bottom of this email.


Just a reminder that we have plenty of parking in the back of the building.


What to Expect:

Our 2020-2021 commitment night will look different than in the past!


We have designed this experience so all attendees can effectively practice social distancing while still experiencing the night's excitement. Each team is assigned a designated time. Punctuality is crucial to allow ample time to complete all necessary forms and tasks within your team’s time slot. Late arrival will result in the teams after yours starting late, so again please be courteous to your fellow Cobb Atlanta families and coaches by arriving on time! You will enter the front of the building and exit out of the back. We recommend having your player wear clothing that will allow a T-shirt to slip over for player headshots. Before you enter the building, our staff will complete temperature checks, and you will fill out our COVID-19 survey. Finally, we ask that you and your player put on a mask before entry!


Once you enter the building, you will follow a path that will take you to multiple stations throughout Court 1, Court 2, and Court 3 before you exit out the back of Court 3.    Be sure to check out our numerous photo stations throughout the gym as you make your way through.



  • You will enter into Court # 1, where you will pick up your CAJ SWAG bag and a commitment shirt.

    • In the SWAG bag will be a folder with information for commitment night and about Cobb Atlanta in general. All other documents will be accessed virtually.

  • Commitment Night t-shirt sizes are comparable to a standard t-shirt. 

  • Players will be directed into our bathroom so they can change into their commitment night shirt.

  • Uniform Try-On

    • If you are a returning player, we recommend trying on your uniform from previous years to get an idea of what size you need. We will provide measuring tapes and a size chart for reference in your SWAG bag and folder. 

    • The only apparel piece that will be available for physical try on is the court shoes. A Mizuno rep will be present for assistance. 

    • We will have the jerseys hanging up on a wall based on size and height. Please have your player stand next to the jerseys size reference and refer to the apparel size guide in your folder.

    • We will have the pants and jackets hanging up on the bleachers, while spandex, socks, and knee pads will be displayed. There will be a volunteer there that can help compare sizes and ensure products are disinfected if they need to be touched.


  • You will enter into Court #2  where players will get in line to take an individual headshot for their Player Profile wearing their commitment night shirt.   While waiting in line, make sure they take some fun photos at the photo station.  Parents will continue to Court # 3.

  • Player Council: Have your player stop by the Player Council Table and learn what it's all about.   Also, please participate in our first FUNDRAISER for the Player Council this year.   Player Council is now its own 501 (3) C, and funds raised will go towards their annual goals!

    • Squares Fundraiser for CAJ PC!

      • Squares are $10 each. 

      • Buy a square for Arkansas vs. Florida!

      • Cash, Check, or VENMO accepted!

        • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter winning squares.



  • Court # 3 is where we will have multiple tables set up for parents & players to stop.

    • Notary Table: Stop here if you need a notary seal on your medical release form or to turn it in if it was incomplete. Your coach will have your form if it needs a notary, or it is incomplete.

    • Payment Table:  All players must pay their first payment in person on commitment night.  After Commitment Night, parents can use auto-pay or pay at the gym each month.    Credit Cards, Cash, and Checks are accepted.   There will be separate lines for Cash/Check and Credit Cards.   If you pay with Check, please make sure your player’s name and team name are in the memo line. Quick Tip:  The check line will go faster than the credit card line.

    • The CAJ SPORTS pop-up shop will be in Court # 3. We ask that you use the SWAG bag for any goodies you buy!   


  • 18 SARAH - 4:00 PM


Time Slot


Time Slot

15 Trina

5:00 PM

15 Kristin

15 Debbie/Brian

6:10 PM

16 Jessica

5:10 PM

15 Emily

6:20 PM

17 Alex

5:20 PM

16 Celeste

6:40 PM


5:30 PM

16 Lisa

6:40 PM

15 Rachael

5:40 PM

17 Scott

6:50 PM

16 Pam

5:50 PM

17 Jessica

7:00 PM

15 Stuart

6:00 PM

18 Amy

7:10 PM


With the new process, we wanted to make sure you have as much detail as possible.  We look forward to seeing you on Friday! 


Thank you,




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