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Players of the Month • April

11's - Vivian Suels: Vivian is an exceptional athlete who consistently performs skills that are well beyond her years. She is such a joy to work with because of her athleticism, work ethic, coachability, and pure love for the game! Vivian was a key asset to the wins 11 Amie in April. I can’t wait to see where her career takes her! "


12's - Madi Heard: "Madi works her hardest every time she is in the gym. She is the last one shagging at every practice. She is always on top of her fitnesses and is a team player on and off the court. Madi can play every position due to her various skills in passing, setting, and hitting. She is a versatile player and a hard worker. "


13's - Allie Nevle: "Allie has been such a joy to have this season. She has improved tremendously and has become an important part of this team. Whenever a challenge is given to her, she takes it and works hard to conquer it. The first month of practice she told us that this was her first time ever playing volleyball competitively. That being said, I was amazed! She had such amazing discipline on the court as if she has done this for years. She has played ever position we have asked of her with ease. For the majority of our season she has been our libero. The past two tournaments we were missing a player, so we had to switch up our line ups. We decided to try placing her in outside and she did an excellent job. Her understanding of the game is remarkable. On top of that, her attitude is always great and she puts a smile on everyone’s faces. I can not wait to see what she has in store for the future!"


14's - Laney Daniell: "Laney had an incredible tournament at Big South this year. She was on FIRE. As a middle blocker, she had a .444 hitting percentage for the entire tournament with only 4 kills over the span of 3 days! She helped lead her team in to the gold bracket in the USA division. She also was able to tally in 5 aces and she led the team in blocks with 12!"


15's - Titomi Adeyinka: "Titomi is a ball of LOVE!! She is a huge part of the energy that is 15-Power! She leads by example all the time. Her blocks are electrifying and her celebration behind those blocks are INSANE!! She roots for every teammate and is their biggest fan. She is constantly engaged whether it's on the court or while she awaits her time to switch out with the Libero. It's so much fun to see how much she herself has grown in such a short period of time. There is always a smile on her face and she is truly a blessing to our team (15-Trina) AND to Cobb Atlanta!! "


16's - Catherine Campbell: "Cat really stepped up and balled out at regionals this past weekend. She has become a 6 rotation right side for us and has really stepped up to the plate. She has been killing it on serve receive, defense and she has taken her offense to a higher level. I saw her dive for tip balls and hit shots she’s never consistently hit before. She takes feedback so well and she is such a joy to have on our team! "


17's - Gillian Huffman: "Gillian is the toughest and most hardworking kid! She has led our team defensively with her hustle, dedication, and hard work. Gillian has led us in 2 qualifiers in digs and has truly stepped up as a DS/Bro. No matter where we put her she always executes! She never lets mistakes get her down and she’s always there for her team! She’s always in the gym working for extra reps! Not only is she amazing on the court but off the court she is a sounding board for her teammates! She has such a good attitude and is truly one of the best!"


18's - Lula Tolsma :"Lula has really been a beast the last few tournaments. She has peaked at the right time, and has made great connection with her setter on running plays. She genuinely has a passion for the game and always has fun on the court."

Senior Drive-by Schedule & Instructions

Our Senior Drive-By will be this Saturday morning May 1st, at the Cobb Atlanta Facility. Seniors will need to arrive no later than 9:30 AM. We are assigning teams a time to arrive, but please do not stress about car orders, arriving early, or arriving late. We are going to start at 10:00 AM. Below is the route for teams to come through, all teams start with the color Blue, then Red then White to exit. Please make sure teams are following the map and suggested route we are really trying to prevent left-hand turns into the building tomorrow. If you put the address 1850 West Oak Circle in your GPS, it will lead you to a business PAST CAJ that will allow you to turn around and come back to Cobb Atlanta from the right. If the line is long, there are plenty of places beyond that address to turn around and get in line.

To celebrate our Seniors, we are asking all our club players to create two small posters/signs, one each for two different graduates. The schedule will be communicated tomorrow, as we continue to finalize details for our event Saturday. Thank you!

Key things:

All Cars should enter CAJ from the right (turning right from West Oak Pkwy; not by turning left.

If you typically arrive at CAJ from the direction of Sandy Plains, you will continue straight on West Oak Pkwy (passing the CAJ entrance) and turning around in order to turn right into the CAJ entrance. A suggested address to put into your GPS is given above (1850 West Oak Circle)

After turning into CAJ, immediately proceed to the back of the building, and drive through the seniors. You will not pass the main CAJ Office entrance - turn right immediately.

As you come around to the front of our building, turn right and pass behind Building 1.

Loop around the entrance, and exit the complex to the right.

This longer route will allow for more back-up without stopping the entire procession.

A traffic map with arrows has been included in the corresponding section below in this newsletter.

Cobb Atlanta Live Streaming!

Do you miss the excitement of watching your player's practices, clinics, and other activities at Cobb Atlanta? Don't miss out any longer and join our new streaming services. For more information see below

Use Code: GoCAJ123 when signing up.

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Spring Fling 2021 • Save the Date •

Join us in kicking off the post-season in our first Spring Fling: Block Party Edition on May 1st from 11:30-2:30 AM! This event will be held for all teams competing in AAU or Nationals! There will be games, music, food, prizes and much more! Teams will spend the afternoon increasing team morale, participating in the competitive fun, and enjoying music and lunch at Cobb Atlanta. There will be a small fee of $25 per player to ensure they are getting the best experience that Cobb Atlanta can provide. This will cover all expenses for the athletes including lunch! Be sure to block off May 1st for our Spring Fling festivities! More details coming soon.


Participating Teams: 12-1, 13-1, 14-1, 14-2, 15-1, 16-1, 16-2, 17-1

(Optional for 18-1)

Makeup Tournament

All teams who have missed a tournament due to being in quarantine will be entered in a makeup tournament. Teams who are 14 and Under will be scheduled to play on May 15th & 16th. All 15s and Up teams will be scheduled to play on May 22nd & 23rd.


Teams will have an off week after regionals. Two weeks of practice will follow the off week to make up for any missed practices during quarantined periods.


The location is still to be determined but will be between CAJ and Tsunami. Stay tuned for more details to come!

March Players and Coaches of the Month

Congratulations to our March Players of the Month! Each player was nominated by a coach in the Cobb Atlanta program (not necessarily their team coach). Players that were nominated were then voted on by the entire Cobb Atlanta staff. We have included each winner's official nomination below.

We would like to acknowledge the following players, all of whom were also nominated for March Player of the Month. Keep up the great work!

Nominees: Claire Dunphy, Amelia Payton, Caroline Young, Izzy Migchelbrink, Vanessa Washington, Koi Brown, Allison Mascitti, Kori Mills

Your Photos Are Ready!

Tournament Finishes

Lucky Leprechaun
14 Kelsey 3rd in Gold
15 Rachael 1st in Silver
14 Kylah 2nd in Silver
16 Pam 3rd in Silver
14 Amanda 3rd in Silver
17 Scott 2nd in Silver
13 Trina 4th in Silver
New Kids on the Block
11 Allie/Amie 3rd in Gold
12 Paul 1st in Gold
12 Jazzlyn 3rd in Gold
Georgia Foothills
12-1 Tom 1st in Gold
15 Stuart 1st in Gold
14 Brian 2nd in Gold
16 Lisa 3rd in Gold
18 Amy 1st in Gold
14 Rob 1st in Bronze
13 Jola 3rd in Gold
13 Kat 2nd in Silver


CAJ Challenge Schedule

April 11th

SUNDAY 2:30-4:30 PM @ CAJ

11-1 Amie - Navy Blue

12-1 ATL Paul - Red

12- 1 Pre Jazzlyn - Light Grey

13-2 ATL Kat - Black

13-1 PRE Michaela - Dark Grey

13-2 PRE Amanda - Light Pink


SUNDAY 5:00-7:00 PM @ CAJ

13-1 ATL Jola - Gold

14-2 ATL Rob - White

14-1 PRE Ally - Brown

14-2 PRE Megan - Light Blue

15-1 PRE Kristin - Navy Blue

15-2 PRE Debbie - Black


SUNDAY 7:15 PM-9:15 PM @ CAJ

14-1 ATL Brian - Light Purple

15-1 ATL Stuart - Green

15-2 ATL Emily - Red

16-1 ATL Lisa - Army Green

17-1 ATL Jessica - Light Purple

18-1 ATL Amy - Brown


April 12th

MONDAY 6:00 PM-8:00 PM @ CAJ

12-1 Tom - Orange

13-1 Trina - Purple

13-2 Raven - Hot Pink

14-1 Kelsey - Green

14-2 Kylah - Yellow

14-3 Amanda - Army Green


April 13th

TUESDAY 6:00 PM-8:00 PM @ McCleskey

16-1 Jessica - Grey

16-2 Celeste - Light Pink

16-3 Pam - Yellow

17-1 Alex - Light Blue

17-2 Scott - White

18-1 Sarah - Hot Pink

15-1 Trina - Purple

15-2 Rachel - Orange

Tournament Finishes

Congratulations to our teams that competed in the Pre-BSQ this past weekend and finished strong!


16 Lisa- 2nd place in 17s Division @ Pre-BSQ

15 Kristin- 2nd place in Gold @ Pre-BSQ

13 Michaela- 3rd place in Gold @ Pre-BSQ


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