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NEW This Weeks Clinics 8/16-8/22

This Weeks’ Clinics 8/16 - 8/22

This week’s clinic offering’s led by our elite level coaches. To register for a clinic, please log in and click on the link of the clinic you would like to register for. Payment is required upon registration. For any questions, please email clinics@cobbatlanta.com.

Monday 8/16

4 on 1 ELITE Pin Hitting for Ages 12 - 14 by Coach Amie Held (KSU Assistant) at 6:00pm

4 on 1 ELITE Defense for Ages 12 - 14 by Coach Amie Held (KSU Assistant) at 7:00pm

4 on 1 ELITE Serve Receive for Ages 12 - 14 by Coach Amie Held (KSU Assistant) at 8:00pm

Tuesday 8/17

Basics of Volleyball Class from 6:00pm - 7:30 pm for Ages 11-16


Ages 11-14s Intermediate+ Pin Hitting with Coach Beau Wilkins at 5:00pm

Ages 11-14s Intermediate+ Serve Receive/Defense with Coach Beau Wilkins at 6:00pm

Ages 11-14s Intermediate+ Serving with Coach Beau Wilkins at 7:00pm

Wednesday 8/18

Ages 10-14 Boys All Skills Clinic led by Coach Garrett Bitter (KSU Assistant) from 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Ages 14-17s Intermediate+ Pin Hitting with Coach Trina Braden at 5:00pm

Ages 14-7s Intermediate+ Serve Receive/Defense with Coach Trina Braden at 6:00pm

Ages 14-17s Intermediate+ Serving/Jump Serving with Coach Trina Braden at 7:00pm

Thursday 8/19

Ages 12-14 Beginner+ Hitting with Coach Savannah Kopp at 5:00pm

Ages 12-14 Beginner+ Defense with Coach Savannah Kopp at 6:00pm

Ages 12-14 Beginner+ Serving with Coach Savannah Kopp at 7:00pm


4 on 1 You Decide Which Skills with Coach Alex Brown for Ages 14-17 at 6:00pm

Ages 14-17 Intermediate+ Pin Hitting with Coach Alex Brown at 7:00pm

Ages 14-17 Intermediate+ Defense with Coach Alex Brown at 8:00pm

Saturday 8/21

4 on 1 Adv/ELITE Pin Hitting for Ages 15 - 17 by Coach Celeste Walton at 10:00am

4 on 1 Adv/ELITE Middle Hitting for Ages 15 - 17 by Coach Celeste Walton at 11:00am

4 on 1 Adv/ELITE Serve Receive/Defense for Ages 15 - 17 by Coach Celeste Walton at 12:00pm




Press Sports Exposure- Free Mobile Recruiting App

Cobb Atlanta Juniors Nation -

Press Sports is excited to be partnering up with Cobb Atlanta Juniors. Our 100% free app is a great way for all Cobb Atlanta Juniors players to get exposure to the hundreds of thousands of athletes, fans, and college volleyball coaches that are using the app every day. Press Sports is THE sports social network that was made to give athletes the ability to take ownership over their careers. We’ve got many of the top players in the nation posting their highlights on Press Sports, and many of the top college coaches from around the country are on the app daily looking for talent.


A few of the college volleyball coaching staffs that use our app to find players:






Air Force Academy

1000+ other DI, DII, DIII, JuCo, & NAIA coaches

Download the free app on iOS today and join the rest of the Cobb Atlanta Juniors family on Press Sports - post your highlights, build your fanbase, get noticed by coaches, and take your athletic career to the next level.


Step 1: Click here from an iPhone to download the app from the app store.

If you don't have an iPhone, sign up here to be notified when we release the Android version.


Step 2: Edit your profile

Once you've downloaded the app, fill out your profile by clicking the "Edit Profile" button from your profile screen. Make sure to add "Cobb Atlanta Juniors" as your club team, so that you can be associated with the Cobb Atlanta Juniors Profile. All of your highlights will be displayed on your profile, as well as the Cobb Atlanta Juniors Club profile. You can also link your Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as any other link you'd like to share so coaches, athletes, and fans can see more of what you have to offer.


Step 3: Make your first post

Post your favorite highlights from throughout your volleyball career on Press Sports. Coaches love seeing in-game highlights & training footage, so make sure to keep your profile active and up-to-date to be discovered by college coaches as well as other athletes on Press Sports.


Step 4: Get Ranked

Our Hypepoint system is a measurement of your reach inside the app. You can gain Hypepoints by generating engagement on your posts as well as engaging with other athlete’s content. Coaches are constantly using our ranking filters to find athletes, so make sure to grow your fanbase for a better chance to get noticed.


Step 5: Own Your Journey

Share your profile out on your other social media profiles, and grow your fanbase! The more attention you bring to your profile the higher chance you have of being discovered on the app so make sure you tell your friends, teammates & family members to fan you up!


Take ownership of your profile and use it to your advantage. Recruiting is going mobile, and coaches are using Press Sports to find talent now. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!


Please reach out to support@presssportsapp.com if anyone has any questions.

Click here to watch the video for more information!

CAJ Post-season Wrap Up Party • Save the Date

The CAJ Post-Season Wrap Up Party is approaching! Please save the date for Wednesday, July 7th to join your team for pizza and sand play. This event is held for red level team's that continued through post-season and did not receive team awards during the CAJ Virtual Award Ceremony. Player's will receive team awards and have a party at the Sand Courts! Don't miss out and save the date!

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Rally @ Lakepoint Sand Courts

163 LakePoint Pkwy, Cartersville, GA 30121


The following teams should be in attendance:

13-1 Trina

14-1 Kelsey

14-2 Kylah

15-1 Trina

16-1 Jessica

17-1 Alex


More details to coming soon!

Team or Player Shout-Outs

In each week’s newsletter, we’d like to highlight individual players or teams in Cobb Atlanta who are helping build the community that we all love being a part of. In addition to showing appreciation and making them feel special, these shout-outs will also provide a way to get familiar with other CAJ members you may not come into contact with often. A mini-bio will be given as well with each shout-out. With just over 30 coaches now, sharing shout-outs is a great way to introduce all of us to the coaches of Cobb Atlanta.

Whom do you want to give a shout-out to? If you see someone in Cobb Atlanta doing something awesome, please share! Click the button to give them kudos.


Give Shout-Outs Here! 

Tournament Finishes

Congratulations to the following teams who competed this weekend and finished strong!

13 Trina - 7th in Gold @ Rally Rumble

14 Kelsey - 3rd in Silver @ Southern Exposure

14 Kylah - 1st in Bronze @ Rally Rumble

15 Trina - 5th in Gold @ Rally Rumble

16 Jessica - 5th in Gold @ Southern Exposure

16 AAU Celeste - 1st in Silver @ Rally Rumble

16 AAU Scott - 1st in Bronze @ Rally Rumble

2021 School Tryout Results Survey

We want to wish all of our athletes the best of luck as you prepare for tryouts for your school team whether it be the middle school feeder team or Varsity you are striving for

We would love to know which team you earned a spot on! Please fill out the survey to share that info with us. We try our best to come and support our athletes throughout the school season.


School Tryout Survey 

*NEW* Boys Clinic

10-14U Boys All Skills Clinic

Cobb Atlanta would like to officially introduce the 10-14U Boys All Skills Clinic! Help us spread the word!

  Cobb Atlanta's Boys Clinic will be led by Kennesaw State University Volleyball Assistant Coach, Garrett Bitter. Before joining KSU's volleyball staff, Bitter was the assistant coach at Mississippi State after previously coaching at Stony Brook. Coach Bitter is an expert in the game and we're looking forward to working with him!

  This clinic is for 10 - 14 year-old boys. This program is for boys looking to develop fundamental and advanced volleyball skills, in addition to competitive play. This clinic provides athletes with quality instruction, limited waiting in lines, and a lot of touches. 


May 24th: 10-14U Boys All Skills Clinic 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM - Register Here

***If you have any questions please contact Bri Schunzel at brischunzel@cobbatlanta.com

Tacky Tourist Practice Winners


Our fourth holiday-themed practice of the season was a success! Players were encouraged to wear tacky tourist attire, fun socks, and all other festive wear to get in the holiday spirit and have fun. It was extremely difficult picking winners this year because the submissions were extremely creative.

Congratulations to our team winner ,14 Kylah and our lucky individual winner, Samantha Detling on 11 Amie. 14 Kylah will receive a pizza party! Samantha will receive a gift card to the CAJ Sports store! Thank you to all the teams that participated!

S3 Summer Beach Volleyball Programs

                                         Learn More Here! 

Coaches of the Month • April

Amanda Mihlbauer: "I have been very impressed with Amanda this year as a first time head coach at Cobb Atlanta. Not only is she a head coach of one team, but she took on the extra responsibility to head coach a travel team AND a premier team this year. Not an easy task. Amanda always is seen with a positive attitude and wants the best from her players. She is always willing to run clinics when she is available and her clinics always fill up! When Amanda's teams needed extra help she is comfortable asking for it and any suggestions to help her team improve. She looks for to help with team bonding outside of practice or activities that could really push and challenge each player." Cobb Atlanta is so lucky to have Amanda on staff!"


Jessica Wellmaker: "I always appreciate Jessica and her willingness to step in when help is needed within the club. She will do things that may be out of her comfort zone, but her goal is to help those around her and make Cobb Atlanta a better place!"


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